90's Sitcom Plot Device Problem Solved!

Morgan Barry · 07/28/10 01:45PM

Today during CBS Early Show's Home segment Amy Matthews showed off a quick and cheap solution to your clogged drain. Watch and fawn along with Harry Smith at plumbing's newest ingenious invention. DJ Tanner could have used this.

Condé Cuts, Leno's Debut & Falling Ratings

cityfile · 09/14/09 01:30PM

• The bad news for Condé Nast now that McKinsey has finished up its summer-long review: Editors and publishers at the company may be asked to trim their budgets by as much as 25 percent. The good news, according to one Condé insider: "This doesn't mean Anna Wintour is going to start taking the bus," nor is the company going to get all cheap "like Hachette." [Crain's]
• Jay Leno's new show debuts tonight on NBC. Will it be a success? A massive failure? Only time will tell, but the stakes "couldn't be higher." [LAT]
• Oprah's ratings are down. And Barack Obama is to blame, apparently. [AP]
• Ratings are down for Project Runway, too. Barack is not to blame. [WWD]
• According to a poll of newspaper publishers, 51 percent think they can successfully get their readers to pay for content online. Optimistic! [PC]
• As if newspapers and magazines don't have enough to worry about these days, a new survey finds that the percentage of people who think journalists are increasingly "inaccurate and biased" is on the rise. [AP]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/21/09 06:51AM

Kim Cattrall turns 53 today. Kelis is turning 30. Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is turning 20. Google co-founder Sergei Brin is 36. Steve Case, the co-founder of AOL, is turning 51. CBS Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith turns 58. Randy Mastro, a former deputy mayor and now a lawyer, is 53. Actress Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix, Memento) is turning 42. Country music legend Kenny Rogers is 71. C-list reality TV star Brody Jenner is turning 26. And Long Island's very own Amy Fisher turns 35 today. Weekend birthdays below!

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/21/08 06:04AM

Kim Cattrall turns 52 today, although we're guessing she won't be receiving any celebratory gifts from her SATC castmates. Other people blowing out candles today: Kelis is turning 29, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is 19 and CBS Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith is 57. Former deputy mayor Randy Mastro turns 52. Google co-founder Sergei Brin is 35. Steve Case, the co-founder of AOL, is 50. Country singer Kenny Rogers is turning 70. Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher is 34. And Brody Jenner celebrates his 25th today, with what we're sure will be a drama-filled party that will eventually show up on The Hills.

Natali Del Conte the adorable face of CBS-CNET synergy

Jackson West · 07/01/08 02:40PM

Never mind corporate meatballs like Neil Ashe and Quincy Smith — how's perky CNET correspondent Natali Del Conte faring in the wake of CBS Interactive's acquisition? Well! In an appearance on today's Early Show with Harry Smith, she sported a new 'do and explained the intricacies of different hands-free options for California drivers now banned from holding a cell phone to their ears. The best part is watching Smith stumble a bit trying to understand Bluetooth, pick himself back up by casually noting his experience as a helicopter passenger, then stumbling again over "those map things" before telling viewers to visit earlyshow.cbs.com — which is not a valid URL. Which makes us think that maybe Del Conte would make a better host than the guy who made his name doing standups for A&E Biography. Harry may be a perfect stand-in for the confused-old-man audience CBS currently has. But Natali represents the future audience CBS hoped it was buying.