The Thursday Party Report

cityfile · 05/28/09 03:30PM

The downtown Armory played host to the 37th annual Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards last night. A big bunch of celebs and designerswere on hand as Marc Jacobs was inducted into the foundation's Hall of Fame, including fellow award winners like Diddy and Paris, as well as Queen Latifah, Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer, Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Gottsegen, Hilary Rhoda, Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Harry and Laura Slatkin, John Demsey, Linda Wells, Doug Reinhardt, Tracy Reece, Nacho and Delfina Figueras, Kate Walsh, Samantha Harris, Tova and Ernest Borgnine, and Jacobs's fiancé, Lorenzo Martone. [PMc, WWD, Vogue UK, VF, NYO, Wireimage]

Harry Slatkin Has An Elton John Candle

Joshua Stein · 12/31/07 12:05PM

Man, we missed the best part of rich man candle maker Slatkin's website. It's this video where everyone from Oprah to Elton John to Atlanta rapper Jermaine Dupri hawk the Slatkin-made AIDS Candle. (AIDS... has a smell?) Also, wait for the end bit when he's talking about the infamous Kabbalah candles. Amazing.

A House Built On Scented Candles

Joshua Stein · 12/31/07 10:25AM

According to a Times Style slideshow I watched while sitting in my living room/dining room and also kitchen/den/shoebox and grave/walk up, lifestyle-product-maker Harry Slatkin and his wife recently had a party where "guests roamed through the couple's Upper East Side town house in a whirl of style and gaiety. Ears and wrists sparkled with carat-heavy diamonds; sculptured lips nibbled on comfort food. See what they were wearing then." Roam is a 14th century verb meaning " to travel purposefully unhindered through a wide area" for instance, "cattle roaming in search of water." Bitter class resentment immediately bubbled from my gullet. I got up disgusted and confused, roamed the two steps to my cappuccino machine, and stewed while foaming some milk. Then I began to study Slatkin's life to see if I too couldn't figure out a way to get rich quick or die trying.