Leah Beckmann · 08/20/12 04:33PM

Teen death rattle trumps adolescent wizardry: The Hunger Games surpasses Harry Potter as best-selling books of all time.

File Under 'Duh': The Avengers Is the Second Biggest Friday Opening of All Time

Louis Peitzman · 05/05/12 03:37PM

For weeks, I've been reminding you all that The Avengers is on the horizon — it doesn't take a box office psychic to realize a film of this magnitude will do well. And wouldn't you know, The Avengers' Friday take was $80.5 million, making it the second biggest Friday opening of all time. (Number one remains Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, because wizards are cooler than superheroes, clearly.)

Antonin Scalia Truly Is the Harry Potter of Our Times

Jim Newell · 09/22/11 03:45PM

Can't say we've ever heard a comparison between Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and English wizard Harry Potter before. But it kind of makes sense, doesn't it? No, not really. But we thank old Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch for making it anyway!

Pottermore Beta Encourages Wand-Play With Minors

Remy Stern · 08/20/11 11:55AM

The beta version of Pottermore, the much-discussed multimedia-moneymaker-somethingorother announced by J.K. Rowling in July, has gone live for a few thousand obsessive fans. How obsessive? To qualify as beta testers of Pottermore, they had to find seven different clues on seven different websites on seven different days. At the Sony website, they were asked how many owls appear on a particular shop sign in Diagon Alley, and told to multiply that number by seven. At the Guardian website, they were told to multiply a particular Quidditch game's score by 35. (Wizarding is mathy business.)

Emma Watson Meets Her Gay Porn Doppleganger

Max Read · 07/19/11 10:25PM

When etiquette guides of the future answer the question What do you do when you meet the gay porn star playing you?, they will probably include this photograph of Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, alongside Cameron Adams, who plays, yes, "Himmione Gainghim" in Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls.