Remember, if McCain wins we blame the machines

Paul Boutin · 11/04/08 04:20PM

A few years ago PC World's then-editor Harry McCracken had me look under the hood of the most popular voting machines. It came down to this: People trust ink-on-paper records more than anything stored in a computer. They only suspect tampering when they lose. Did you notice the lack of mainstream media stories about voting machine risks in 2006, when the Democrats took over Congress? There's your liberal media bias, right there. It's not that editors and producers killed stories questioning the vote, it's that they forgot to assign them after their side won. Today, Kim Zetter at Wired.com is the only reporter cranking out the e-voting fail. Ohio has some ESS iVotronics that will only vote for Nader. God help us all.

PC World steals ex-Infoworld editor

Paul Boutin · 09/09/08 04:20PM

Further proof that the print world isn't like the Internet: Eighteen years after he first took a job at monthly service mag PC World, Steve Fox has been brought back by magazine publisher IDG to replace outgoing editor and Internet hero Harry McCracken, whose Technologizer site is nearing an official launch. The unapologetically nuts-and-bolts PC World, with covers like "72 Ways to Make Software Do More," is generally considered the largest-circulation tech magazine in the world. It outsells both Wired and Fast Company by a small margin.No wonder the smarter-than-your-average-trade-journalist Fox returned from going-nowhere startup Affinity Labs, which he joined after helming fading star Infoworld, an IDG monthly for IT professionals that no longer publishes in print. How will Fox get modern computer enthusiasts, both excited and jaded by the Internet, to buy a magazine? Just a suggestion, Steve: "Summer Glau's 72 Ways to Terminate PC Problems"(Photo by Dealmaker Media)

Layoffs at PC World

Owen Thomas · 08/28/08 01:40PM

A tipster writes: "PC World continued its slide into the trashcan of history yesterday; 6 more employees were laid off yesterday; a couple in art, a couple in editorial and a couple of support staff." The IDG-owned print monthly has held up better than its main rival, PC Magazine, but beloved editor Harry McCracken left in May to launch his startup, Technologizer. Anyone know more?

Former PC World chief: Macs no more expensive than PCs

Paul Boutin · 08/15/08 05:40PM

"A MacBook is in the same ballpark as a roughly similar Dell or HP, and less than a Sony." That's the conclusion of Technologizer editor Harry McCracken, after running the numbers several different ways on competing notebooks. The MacBook didn't win most hardware categories, but it came out well-rounded, with superior warranty service and media software. McCracken, until recently the editor in chief of PC World, was infamous among local tech journalists for toting Apple laptops to work.

Happy birthday to PC World's Harry McCracken!

Jordan Golson · 04/02/08 05:20PM

We hope hard-working PC World editor-in-chief Harry McCracken is taking a break for his birthday. McCracken looked stressed in this pic that Valleywag very special correspondent Paul Boutin snapped at Macworld in January. He may be too busy saving DOS to celebrate, however.

PC World editor is still waiting for his OLPC

Jordan Golson · 01/25/08 05:20PM

PC World's Harry McCracken ordered an XO laptop from the One Laptop For Child charity on November 12. He gave a $400 "donation" — half to buy himself a laptop and half to buy a laptop for a "deserving child" in a developing country. After many emails back and forth and 35 minutes on hold, McCracken still hasn't received his laptop. Neither has a colleague of his. OLPC claims that they don't have a mailing address for him because he paid with PayPal.

Old Media runs circles around Web 2.0 at Macworld

Paul Boutin · 01/15/08 08:07PM

I took this picture of Valleywag cub reporter Jordan Golson because I think the kid has potential. But Jordan, watch and learn: See the guy typing away behind you? Forbes senior editor Dan Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs. And the man with the early migraine? PC World editor in chief Harry McCracken. Look at them: Work, work, work. With the dual exception of Engadget and Gizmodo, the Web 2.0 kids fell way behind the old guard in reporting this morning. Oh, and whoever decided Valleywag would report the whole thing via Twitter? You win the prize. Go back and read Uncov until you know the difference between "scale" and "fail."