Republican Chaplain Tries to Block Muslim Nominee From Office Because "Islam and Christianity Do Not Mix"

Brendan O'Connor · 05/19/16 09:05AM

On Monday, at a meeting of the local Republican Party in the third-most-populous county in the United States, a Christian pastor who serves as chaplain for the Harris County GOP tried to stop a Muslim man from serving as a precinct chair because of his religion. “Islam does not have any basis or any foundation,” the pastor, Trebor Gordon, said. “It is the total opposite of our foundation.”

Best Alibi Ever Saves Man From Life Imprisonment

Lauri Apple · 12/11/11 05:40PM

Here's one way to avoid being imprisoned for life on a felony charge: Try to be in jail on a less-serious misdemeanor charge at the same time that the felony crime occurs. This strategy worked for LaDondrell Montgomery, whose armed robbery conviction was just overturned by a Harris County, Texas judge.