The World Is Going to End Tomorrow, Again, Probably

Max Read · 10/20/11 02:50AM

Have you noticed a slight crispness in the atmosphere recently? A chilling edge to the breeze, a dry clarity to the air, a new rattle in the trees? It's fall, right? No! It's actually the looming apocalypse, which comes tomorrow, according to professional rapture-predictor Harold Camping.

Rapture Predictor Harold Camping: Apocalypse Rescheduled for October 21

Max Read · 05/23/11 08:21PM

Harold Camping, the radio host who predicted the world would end on Saturday, made his first post-non-apocalypse public appearance on his radio show Monday night. "The first question," he told listeners, "is 'Camping, what about you? Are you ready to shoot yourself or go on a booze trip or whatever?'"

Save the Date: Jesus Is Coming in May!

Jeff Neumann · 12/02/10 07:29AM

This time, it's really happening. On May 21 of next year, Jesus Christ shall swoop down from the heavens on a white steed to snatch up all True Believers. That's right — the Rapture is coming! Where do you stand?