Harold and Kumar 3: The Christmas One

Max Read · 08/10/11 08:19PM

Here's the trailer for A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, which is, yes, the third Harold and Kumar movie to grace our multiplexes. It is, as you may have guessed, a Christmas movie shot in 3D.

A Thousand Stoned Stars Align For Pot Cinema's Finest Hour

STV · 07/30/08 07:00PM

Seth Rogen's recent mellow-harshing bust notwithstanding, there has arguably never been a better time to be a pot aficionado in the movies. Or at the movies. Or returning to the movies — or to the road, anyway, as evinced by new reports of Cheech and Chong's cannabis comeback. Basically anyone who can approximate stoner bliss is ready for prime time these days, from the principals of Harold and Kumar to Pineapple Express to Smiley Face (to say nothing of Hall of Famers The Big Lebowski and Up in Smoke), notes a pot-film scholar who miraculously focused long enough to taxonomize and rate them:

So What's On Neil Patrick Harris' Mind Grapes? Crack Cocaine, Boobs And Shrooms

Molly Friedman · 04/28/08 01:30PM

"What Would NPH Do?" If we have asked ourselves that question once while staring deeply into the eyes of Neil Patrick Harris straddling a unicorn, we have asked it a thousand times. But now, the Shoe Fairy himself has agreed to provide his fans with the answer to that timeless question. Only problem is, he's not quite sure. "I can't decide between crack cocaine and Paris Hilton," he tells Time Out New York. Which is very winky and cute, but Neil shares more than second-rate stand-up bits in this piece. More on his very detailed description of "cans" (that's "boobies" in NPH-speak) and how he feels about jump-starting his comeback by snorting drugs off a strippers ass, after the jump:

'H&K' Vs. Poehler/Fey, Defending Bette Midler, and Other New Movie Dilemmas

STV · 04/25/08 11:15AM

Deciphering your moviegoing options for the third week running, Defamer Attractions returns today with a look at the final weekend before the studios spill summer in our lap. Today we gauge Tina Fey's chances for box office superiority, corral the highest-profile dog since 88 Minutes (that was only last week? Really?), recommend a certain Oscar-winning actress's directing debut and scan the new arrivals shelf for DVD's of notice. As always, our opinions are our own, but they're also right. You can thank us later!

Which Celebrity Herb-Lovers Tell All In New Pot Tome, Man?

Molly Friedman · 03/11/08 12:35PM

Thanks to Judd Apatow's loveable stoner humor and the mass excitement caused by the impending Harold and Kumar sequel, it seems that pot and pot-loving celebs are inching closer and closer to mainstream acceptance. But news of which stars contributed tips to celebrity stoner lit's latest entry, Pot Culture, has us harkening back to the days when Bob Dylan and Woody Harrelson gave long-winded interviews to High Times. Though the names aren't exactly A-list, the pieces of advice on how to get merrily mellow are far more creative than any pothead logic we've ever heard. Find out who lays out DIY instructions on how to construct your own gravity bong, who demonstrates the always-reliable apple bong technique, and who gets away with lying to their husband about her toking habit by covering up the smell with lip gloss after the jump.

seth · 12/28/07 03:02PM

Hey, Neil Patrick Harris on unicorns! Talking to us! [haroldandkumar]

Trade Round-Up: Harold And Kumar Start Jonesing For Dutch Space-Cakes

mark · 11/01/06 03:17PM

It's time again for studios to clog the mailboxes of awards voters with their screener DVDs, but this year, some are sending out two versions: plain ones featuring just the movie itself to groups that are uptight about superfluous goodies influencing their principled voters, and fancier ones with extras and nice packaging for associations with looser reins on their swag-whoring membership. [Variety]
The Wachowski Brothers will write and direct a big-screen adaptation of Speed Racer for Warner Brothers. Are they still "brothers"? We've kind of lost track of where they stand in the gender reassignment process. Oops, there we go again, distracting people from the work with some salacious personal stuff. Apologies. [THR]
· We thought that all of the getting-high-and-gorging-on-junk-food questions raised in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle were sufficiently addressed in the first movie, but we were obviously wrong, as a sequel is now in the works. This time around, the toke-happy pals will be suspected of being terrorists after trying to smuggle a bong onto their flight to Amsterdam. [Variety]
With an episode powered by a completely unexpected plot twist in which its titular, wisecracking doctor makes a crazy diagnosis that was later proven to be accurate, House returned to the Fox lineup with the highest demographic rating of the night, but still lost to Dancing with the Stars in total Tuesday night viewers. [THR]
· Var introduces new blog Wilshire and Washington, which will cover the intersection of entertainment and politics, as illustrated by incidents in which people toss liquids at Barbara Streisand for expressing negative opinions about the President. [Variety]