On the Move: Russell Simmons' Brother, De Niro's Son

cityfile · 04/24/09 07:27AM

Russell Simmons' brother Danny, who runs a gallery in Brooklyn and co-founded the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation with his brothers Russell and Rev Run, has put his 2,000-square-foot loft in Clinton Hill up for sale for $1.175 million. [WSJ, Corcoran]
• Raphael De Niro, the son of Robert De Niro and a managing director at Prudential Douglas Elliman, has a new apartment. He and wife Claudine paid $2.9 million for a three-bedroom condo at 497 Greenwich Street. [Real Deal]

Brits To "Bring Along Harlem's Gentrification"

Joshua · 03/27/07 11:41AM

While the British campaign to rename a stretch of Greenwich Avenue is slow going (despite the endorsement of redcoat Sir Harold Evans and his Mata Hari wife Tina Brown), a shadowy evil British corporation called Dawnay, Day has bought 47 buildings in East Harlem for US $250 million.

The Harlem Rooster Method of Population Control

Jessica · 06/12/06 02:30PM

From the wilds of Harlem comes a heartwarming story of a playground, a park official, and his beloved cock. A scrappy rooster, perhaps a retired cockfighter, has taken up residence at the Frederick Johnson playground, pecking and crowing and shitting all over its perch on the monkeybars for the past two weeks. And while he may not be as patriotic as the DHS's terror turkey, the Harlem cock is a great, exciting pet:

Scientific Shocker: Air Pollution Not So Good For Your Unborn Child

abalk2 · 05/30/06 10:47AM

Some disturbing news for city youth: The Post reports on a Columbia study finding that kids who are exposed to a high level of air pollution in the womb do poorly on cognitive tests. The analysis shows that "kids exposed to the highest readings of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in utero - mostly exhaust fumes from cars, buses and trucks, as well as power generators - scored 5.7 points lower on cognitive tests than did kids in the sample who were subjected to lower levels of pollutants."

Daily Candy: Where No Fashionista Has Gone Before

Jessica · 01/23/06 10:13AM

The pretty, sparkly ladies at Daily Candy are always ahead of the curve, recommending the best in overpriced food and fashion in places you've never heard of. One can only assume that similar sense of trendy adventure led the Daily Candy girls to recommend CAP USA sportswear in today's newsletter, where you can bling-up your Chucks or get some custom-designed Jordans with that adorable Dooney & Burke logo.