Bill O'Reilly Is Still a Racist Motherfucker

Jordan Sargent · 04/12/16 09:51AM

Bill O’Reilly is not the worst person on Fox News—except for when he definitely is, as in last night’s wild and racist discussion with Donald Trump about black people.

Hazel Cills · 03/31/14 10:24PM

According to a preliminary report on the deadly March 12th East Harlem explosion, the National Transportation Safety Board found "small gas leaks below the pavement" while testing an 127-year-old iron gas-main running underneath the site.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/13/14 07:00PM

New York officials say an eighth body was pulled from the rubble today after a massive gas explosion brought down most of one building and part of another yesterday in Harlem.

Taylor Berman · 03/13/14 12:16PM

Five people are still missing after yesterday's gas explosion in East Harlem. The death toll from the blast now stands at seven, with more than 70 injured. Two people remain in critical condition, including a 15-year-old boy.

Sarah Hedgecock · 03/12/14 12:40PM

[People run after an explosion and building collapse in the East Harlem neighborhood of New York on Wednesday. The explosion leveled an apartment building, and sent flames and billowing black smoke above the skyline. Image via Jeremy Sailing/AP.]

At Least 7 Killed in Harlem Gas Explosion

Taylor Berman · 03/12/14 08:50AM

A gas leak triggered a powerful explosion in an East Harlem apartment building this morning, injuring dozens of people and killing at least seven. More than 200 firefighters responded to the blast, which completely destroyed one building and most of another.

People in Harlem Confirm That the Harlem Shake is Not the Harlem Shake

Rich Juzwiak · 02/19/13 06:45PM

Anyone with eyes and a memory that goes back at least to the early '00s advent of Bad Boy Records knows that the meme or whatever it is of people convulsing arhythmically that is currently masquerading as the "Harlem Shake" is not the Harlem Shake. A filmmaker named Chris McGuire took to Harlem for man-on-the-street reactions and what starts as a jokey sort of montage gains intensity for the impassioned anti-appropriation sentiment the nu-Shake provokes. "It's not no dance, it's really a lifestyle," says one guy. "It's actually an art form, a dance art form that doesn't have the respect it deserves," says another. "Injustice," says yet another.

'The White Ambassador:' Whiteface on the Streets of Harlem

Hamilton Nolan · 11/28/11 01:34PM

Nate Hill is the New York artist behind the Free Bouncy Rides, Death Bear, the dead body dead body, and other, sunnier projects. Hill is biracial, and his latest work has a racial theme: for the next several months, Hill, in whiteface, will travel to Harlem as "The White Ambassador," prowling the streets to talk about important issues such as how white people are or are not stank. In the video above, watch as absurd performance art turns into an earnest and heartfelt conversation with a man on the street.