Lady Says "Tits" On Fox

Pareene · 09/18/08 09:53AM

As Ben Smith points out, had a non-conservative non-lady said this, it would probably score almost as high on the outrage-meter than some cesspool blog gloating over identity theft. Still. Here's Bloomberg's Caroline Baum explaining that Hillary voters won't flock to Sarah Palin just because she has tits. Yes, she actually says tits. Then everyone giggles for like ten minutes and also a goofy sound effect is played. [Ben Smith/Politico]

Joshua Stein · 12/12/07 01:50PM

Liberation is running a poll about who is the hottest male newscaster on Web3. Because nouns are gendered in French (which I speak fluently! Paw grand shows) the gays are mad because the poll is only for les lectrices (female readers.) Maybe they're also mad because none of these dudes are really good looking at all. Except the dude on the left who kind of looks like Pavement bassist Mark Ibold who is handsome. [Liberation]