Elaborate Anonymous Sting Snags 190 Kiddie Porn Fans

Adrian Chen · 11/02/11 10:47AM

Some of the internet's sleaziest users must be freaking out today, having been outed by Anonymous as visitors to child porn forums. Vigilante Anonymous hackers are taking their war on underground kiddie porn to a new level by posting the IP addresses of people they claim are pedophiles.

Madonna's New Gym Chain: Now You Can Look Just Like Madonna

Richard Lawson · 10/25/10 12:24PM

Millennia-old, fitness-crazed pop singer Madonna has partnered up with some investors to open ultra-luxe Hard Candy gyms around the world, the first a 30,000 sq.ft. megaplex in Mexico City. Just what sets a Madonna gym apart from the rest?

Madonna Slips Female Fan Some Tongue On Stage, Lourdes Asks 'Is Mommy Gay?'

Molly Friedman · 05/07/08 11:00AM

Madonna can pretty much do whatever she wants at this point and the world will shrug its shoulders, whether she's assaulting Justin Timberlake with needles or spreading her soon-to-be-50-year old legs on album covers. But the vocally-challenged icon has taken her recent trip down memory lane as a pansexual nympho to new heights by inviting a female fan on stage during her concert last night and pulling a repeat performance of Madonna And Britney Spit Swap. Why? As she put it, "Why do I have this relationship with France? I'm always drawn to working with French people - and frenching French people...Vive la France!" A closer look at the kiss step by step, plus suddenly gorgeous daughter Lourdes' reaction, after the jump.

Madonna's Most Explicit Album Cover Yet Comes On The Eve Of Her 50th Birthday

Molly Friedman · 03/14/08 03:20PM

If we saw our mother spreading her legs on billboards and in the window displays of old-fashioned CD stores, we'd probably either disown her, change our names or move to Mars. Unless, of course, she was Madonna. Then we might just have to put the poster up in our rooms. Madge is turning 50 this year, and she's not letting that stop her from putting out her single most explicit album cover to date. Even Erotica's open lips and Confessions On A Dance Floor's spread eagle from behind don't compare with the artwork for Hard Candy, which features the B12 shot lover posing as an S&M-inspired boxer (of sorts) waiting to "kick your ass" (just as Madonna promised the album would do). But just because Madonna's putting it all out there now doesn't mean her more suggestive covers weren't ten times sexier.