What's Your Biggest Fear?

Andy Cush · 10/16/15 11:38AM

My worst nightmare is being trapped in an enclosed space with lots of bugs. It’s on my mind all the time: Recently, I dreamt a plate-sized spider with legs made of those weird fingery mushrooms was roaming my apartment and I couldn’t get away from it. What’s yours?

Final Destination: The Worst Halloween Costumes of 2014

Allie Jones · 11/03/14 01:15PM

On Friday, we published a Child's Treasury of this year's most offensive Halloween costumes, pointing to popular choices like "sexy ISIS militant" and "Ray Rice." The imaginations of racist idiots, however, are not bound by trends. Our tipsters sent us even more depressingly inventive and offensive costumes this weekend, proving that there are infinite ways to wear blackface.

A Child's Treasury of This Year's Most Offensive Halloween Costumes

Allie Jones · 10/31/14 08:00AM

Happy Halloween! If you're going out in the world tonight, there's a good chance you'll see racist idiots dressed up like racist idiots, because Halloween is racist idiot Christmas: Whether you're at a frat party, a parade, or even a family event, there's bound to be one sad soul in blackface, yellowface, Arabface, brownface, redface... [trails off staring into middle distance]