Daredevil Penguin Takes a Giant Leap of Faith

Matt Cherette · 03/12/11 09:46PM

Take a picturesque location—Boulders Beach in South Africa, in this case—a brave little penguin, and a dash of suspenseful buildup, all set to Vangelis' "Chariots of Fire," and what do you get? You get one awesome animal video!

Critic Flushes Away His Vote For Best Animated Film

seth · 12/11/06 05:39PM

We mentioned earlier how critics' list deliberations are often contentious and complicated affairs, where the dominant members of the pack have been known to stalk and surround its weaker members, savagely cannibalizing whichever lone voice might have found Helen Mirren's The Queen performance to be "nuanced and accomplished, yes, but hardly the year's best, you bunch of shit-for-brains!" The ScreenGrab blog claims to have had an all-access insider present at this year's powwow, and they share several interesting anecdotes, including one about how Observer critic Andrew Sarris literally flushed away his vote for best animated film: