The Comeback Finale Was Bullshit, and I Don't Accept It

Rich Juzwiak · 12/29/14 10:40AM

Well, she got it. After enduring more humiliation than previously imaginable, after alienating virtually everyone in her immediate circle, and after ignoring the Greek chorus of their collective repulsion, Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) got her happy ending on last night's Season 2 finale of The Comeback. Her hairdresser/confidant Mickey (Robert Michael Morris) survived another cancer-related scare. She reunited with her estranged husband Mark (Damian Young), who was taken by her willingness to leave the Emmys to rush to Mickey's side in the hospital. And she ended up winning the Emmy she was nominated for, definitively proving her worth in Hollywood, a town that will only have her if she openly debases herself (she did so this time by playing an exaggeratedly unflattering version of herself in an HBO show based partly on her life).

"Don't Tase Me, Bro" Dude Has a New Journalism Job

Adam Weinstein · 01/14/14 09:43AM

Andrew Meyer caught viral fame in 2007 when, as a University of Florida student journalist, he tried to question then-Sen. John Kerry at an event and ended up tased by campus cops, despite his dudely entreaties for them not to do it. Guess what? Now he's on the press freedom beat!

Paralyzed Bride Finally Getting Married

Maureen O'Connor · 07/18/11 03:55PM

Remember Rachelle Friedman, the aerobics instructor whose bridesmaids pushed her into a swimming pool, resulting in paralysis and an inability to marry, lest her fiance's income push her over the limit for Medicaid? After a year of physical therapy and a series of charitable donations, she is finally getting married. The AP reports:

Rebecca Black Phenomenon to Somehow Get More Annoying

Richard Lawson · 04/14/11 05:10PM

You hoped it was over, but Rebecca Black's moment will go on. Also today: Lincoln finds his wife, Nickelodeon shows both old and new receive some good news, a new ABC show receives some bad news, and Ellen Page is headed to be neurotic in Rome.

There's Nothing Worse Than Falling in Love with a Crappy Sitcom

Brian Moylan · 04/14/11 11:32AM

Last night I made the mistake of watching Modern Family in real time. The problem wasn't that I couldn't fast forward through the commercials (though it did suck) but that I got sucked into not one, but two episodes of the new sitcom Happy Endings that followed it. Even worse, I actually liked it.

How to Catch an iPad Thief: College Edition

Jeff Neumann · 04/14/11 03:52AM

Hugo Scheckter is a sophomore at George Washington University. He's also the Managing Editor of the school newspaper, The GW Patriot, and President of Club Sports. In other words, he's a good kid and a go-getter. So when someone lifted his iPad on Saturday night from his dorm — along with some cash and his laptop — Hugo took matters into his own hands.

Stars Wars Kid Is All Grown Up and Becoming a Lawyer

Maureen O'Connor · 06/03/10 01:53PM

Ghyslain Raza's geeky Star Wars impersonation racked up millions of views on YouTube and drove him to a mental health crisis. After successfully suing the kids who leaked the video, he's now in law school, doing well and looking dapper.

STV · 11/20/08 07:14PM

The Ends: A freakishly minded movie obsessive at Flickr has spent the last year compiling the closing-title cards from 133 films (and counting), providing hours of guessing-game fun and/or free procrastination material to close down your day and maybe even your week. A new one is up this week, and alas, we didn't know this entry either. Share the challenge with someone you love, but be warned: It's addictive. [Flickr via Cinematical]