Cops: Manhattan Real Estate Developer Accused in Friend's Death Googled "How Do Fugitives Escape" After Indictment

Brendan O'Connor · 01/26/16 03:15PM

At a Tuesday hearing in State Supreme Court on Long Island, Sean Ludwick was remanded to jail with no possibility of bail. The New York City real estate developer, facing vehicular homicide charges, was arrested last week after attempting buy a boat in Puerto Rico to take him to South America. “When I set bail at $1 million, I never contemplated the possibilities heard here today,” State Supreme Court Justice Fernando Camacho said. “There is no bail package to ensure his return to court.”

Brendan O'Connor · 08/29/15 03:45PM

The battle for the soul of the Hamptons: “‘We have to find positive ways to move forward and reclaim our Montauk,’ said Diane Hausman, chairwoman of Montauk’s advisory committee to the town board. ‘We’re not going to do that by catering to party animals.’”

Hampton Jitney: Sorry We've Been Running Late (Blame Bill de Blasio)

Alex Pareene · 06/04/15 05:01PM

The Hampton Jitney is a private bus line that takes well-off New York City residents from the city to the Long Island towns where well-off New York City residents enjoy spending summer weekends. Lately, some of those buses have experienced delays. One can only imagine the effect sitting in traffic must have on the already enervating class anxiety felt by Jitney riders who cannot, as their betters do, charter weekly helicopters.

Here's Video Footage of Colin Powell Dork-Dancing To Daft Punk

Camille Dodero · 08/26/13 06:30PM

As if these photos of Colin Powell cutting a rug—pursed lips conveying his boogie-woogie seriousness in one; hands-on-hips stance indicating he may be contemplating a hernia-inducing squat dance in another—weren't uncomfortable enough, now we have approximately 20 digital-video seconds of the former secretary of state grooving out to a Daft Punk song about staying up all night for the nookie. Also, included: Pharrell's croon, Katie Holmes Doing the Shoulders, and a full-club karaoke singalong. The Hamptons will embarrass you every time.

Rich Coastal Brats Still Partying Like It's 1999, Times Can't Underscore Enough

Seth Abramovitch · 08/21/11 10:09PM

You'd be forgiven if you'd mistakenly thought you were experiencing déjà vu as you thumbed through the Sunday New York Times, as two nearly identical front-page features ran in the Styles and Business sections. Each offered its own, fellated love letter to an emergent breed of carefree young fucks.

Even the Trailer Parks Are Nice in the Hamptons

Richard Lawson · 08/10/11 04:07PM

If you're spending your whole summer being jealous of people with mansions in the Hamptons, you need to start being jealous of people who have trailers in the Hamptons. Because the trailers there are nice!

$43 Million Mansion Demolished Because It Didn't Have Ocean Views in Every Room

Seth Abramovitch · 06/03/11 12:58AM

From Curbed Hamptons we have this aerial shot of where once stood the $43.5 million home of "billionaire hedge-funder David Tepper." Why tear down a perfectly good beach palace? Because he couldn't see the ocean from every room, they report. Has anyone ever built a house entirely out of smudge-proof glass? That would be awesome! Views inside views inside views. I bet Donald Trump has one of those. [Curbed, photo credit: Cully/EEFAS via Patch.com]