Alyssa Shelasky Is Still Blogging Up The Internet

Emily Gould · 07/25/07 12:50PM

We thought we'd seen the last of Scary Sadshaw extraordinaire Alyssa Shelasky when she abandoned her post as a Glamour.com blogger. "You'll have someone new to write about soon. Lucky them," Alyssa told us then. Little did we suspect, though, that we would also have someone old to write about still: Alyssa herself. She's continuing to document her Hamptons-partying lifestyle in her trademark special way, now under the auspices of Hampton Style, which is helmed this summer by the increasingly sundamaged Deborah Schoeneman. "The music was pumping, the models were mesmerizing, and the crowd was the ultimate 'it' clique," Alyssa wrote of a recent bash. We missed you, girl!

Vanessa Carlton and Other Superheroes [Hampton Style]

Doree Shafrir · 07/16/07 11:58AM

Contributing editors at Deb Schoeneman's Hampton Style: sometime Times travel writer Julia Chaplin, Lucky and Paper and Time Out vet Kristina Dechter, UK Observer New York contributor Edward Helmore, former "Topic A With Tina Brown" gal and Radar contributor Sarah Horne, photographer Noah Kalina, Eater king Ben Leventhal, celeb photog'er Patrick McMullan, former High Times editor Annie Nocenti, Daily Candy lass Pavia Rosati, former Glamour blogger Alyssa Shelasky, College Humor honcho Ricky Van Veen, pothead socialite Arden Wohl, Deb's former Observer co-worker Alexandra Wolfe. No wonder everyone loves it so much. [Hampton Style/The Beach]

'Hampton Style' Hits Demo With Heirs In Wigs

Emily · 05/15/07 03:48PM

Don't Christine and her mogul-hubs Steve Schwarzman look cute in their Rod Stewart 'n' floozy costumes? Debbie Bancroft thinks so. Her first party report of the season for Hampton Style pays slavish compliments not only to the Schwarzmans but a whole host of other rich folk, including "Wig Out" party host and Johnson & Johnson heir Woody Johnson and his "beautiful girlfriend" Suzanne Ircha. But not everyone loved Woody's bewigged look! "Suzanne wore an Edie Sedgwick platinum wig and a sparkling mini-dress. Woody complemented her with a Warhol white mop, shades and an especially groovy black-satin shirt. They had tried the costumes on at home the day before and, with one look, their one-year-old son Brick fled in confusion." But! Brick was totally what we were going to name the child we were going to have with anyone who owns a football team! Way to rub it in, Suzanne.