Tricking Someone Into Believing They Won the Hamilton Lottery Is the Best Prank of 2016

Jordan Sargent · 07/11/16 01:45PM

This past Saturday was Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final performance as Alexander Hamilton in the Epic Rap Battles of History-turned-Broadway sensation Hamilton. Tickets to the show were reportedly being sold on secondary markets for four-to-five figures, which would have made it particularly painful to have discovered that you missed an email announcing that you had won $10 tickets to the performance through the play’s limited lottery system.

Rahm Emanuel Secretly Spent Night After Chicago Teachers' Strike Enjoying "Hamilton" on Broadway

Jordan Sargent · 04/05/16 02:40PM

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has a long list of enemies. Near the top is the Chicago Teachers Union, with which he’s feuded for his entire tenure as mayor. This past Friday, the union staged a one-day strike, closing schools across the city in order to draw attention to their latest round of negotiations with the city, which wants the teachers to accept cuts to pay, staffing, and budgets.

The Worst Tweets of 2015

Gawker Staff · 12/18/15 01:32PM

As selected by the staff of Gawker. These tweets are terrible, man.

Ghost Injures Woman Engaged in Graveyard Sexy Time

Max Read · 06/04/11 03:14PM

A 39-year-old woman in Hamilton, N.J., was engaged in what the police describe as "extracurricular activities" (mock trial, maybe?) at Ahavath Israel cemetery when a falling tombstone injured her leg. The injuries were not serious, and the cemetery decided not to press charges, but two things stand out to us: One, the woman and "a male friend" were visiting the grave of "a relative" when they decided to get down. And, well, we're not against graveyard sex, per se, but we think people should stick to graveyards where their relatives aren't buried, out of respect.