Jimmy Kimmel Brought Back His Cruelest Halloween Prank, Made Kids Cry

Jay Hathaway · 11/04/14 10:03AM

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel continued his annual tradition of ripping families apart by asking parents, for the fourth year in a row, to tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy. The results range from wounded tears to straight-up post-Halloween sugar tantrums to being surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

What Your Halloween Candy Says About You

Brian Moylan · 10/25/11 03:46PM

When the hordes of little tykes dolled up like Dora the Explorer and Spider-Man and whatever other licensed character costumes their parents bought for them at Target show up at your door this Halloween, know that you are being judged. No, it's not on your costume or your synced light show on your house. They're judging you on the treats you put in their bags.