Halloween Went Incredibly Well For This Giant Bunny

Chris Thompson · 11/02/15 07:35PM

Here’s the story: a group of roommates decided it would be a good idea to leave boxes of full-size candy bars unattended on their porch on Halloween night. The idea was to see—via a security camera feed—which kids would be considerate and take just one candy bar, and which kids would be greedy and take a few extra.

Maybe Not So Much With the Suicide Bomber Halloween Costume, You Know?

Chris Thompson · 11/01/15 08:58PM

On the list of Bad Halloween Costume Ideas, “Suicide Bomber” has got to be at or near the very top. There will always be social consequences for wearing such a thing. Then there are the consequences of wearing your suicide bomber costume on a goddamn military base, and those are a whole other matter.

Halloween Question: What Should We Do About All of These Corpses?

Kelly Conaboy · 10/30/15 02:51PM

Green-Wood Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark, stretches across 478 acres of Brooklyn. But what if instead of using that land for a cemetery, somebody used that land for affordable housing? Huh, a good idea. The housing would be haunted, yes—but of use.

Trick or Treat: Nothing Tastes as Good as Death Feels

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/16/15 10:21AM

Fall’s crisp days are quickly drying out into a spooky, bitter cold as Halloween approaches and small, masked children gather in mobs. But this Hallow’s Eve promises to be even more frightening, as something truly macabre awaits us: it’s the sweet taste of death and it’s coming from inside the house.

Spooky Halloween Decoration Turns Out to be a Murdered Woman

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/15/15 03:44PM

Police in Ohio say a spooky Halloween decoration of a dead woman hanging from a fence was actually a dead woman hanging from a fence. Her alleged killer is currently being held on a $2 million bond and holy shit this story is awful.

Amazing, Exclusive Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Kelly Conaboy · 10/12/15 12:50PM

Dressing up in costume is a debatably enjoyable Halloween tradition that follows you from the trick-or-treating outings of childhood to the Halloween parties hosted by friends who have not yet addressed their problem with drinking of adulthood. For those in the latter scenario, there is often a desire to stay relevant—pop culturally speaking. Like by wearing this sexy pizza rat costume.

Frat Suspended: Two Men Allegedly Raped 16-Year-Old at Halloween Party

Allie Jones · 11/06/14 10:16AM

Johns Hopkins University's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter has been suspended for "underage drinking" in the wake of allegations that two men raped a 16-year-old girl at an off-campus SAE party this weekend. The girl, who was visiting her older sister, told cops the men assaulted her in the bathroom.

Jimmy Kimmel Brought Back His Cruelest Halloween Prank, Made Kids Cry

Jay Hathaway · 11/04/14 10:03AM

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel continued his annual tradition of ripping families apart by asking parents, for the fourth year in a row, to tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy. The results range from wounded tears to straight-up post-Halloween sugar tantrums to being surprisingly calm about the whole thing.