Roger Ailes Met With Gov. Haley Barbour Three Weeks Before 2010 Elections

John Cook · 07/15/11 11:24AM

Add Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour to the list of GOP pols that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes schmoozes with. According to records obtained by Gawker under the Mississippi Public Records Act, Barbour met with Ailes at News Corporation's New York headquarters for an hour on October 14, 2010—just three weeks before the midterm elections in which Barbour played a major role.

Stephen Colbert Comes to Mitt Romney's Defense Over 'Peacetime Gaffe'

Matt Cherette · 04/26/11 11:09PM

On tonight's Report—after poking fun at Haley Barbour's pre-entrance exit from the 2012 presidential race—Stephen Colbert defended candidate Mitt Romney against charges that he'd gaffed by suggesting America was in a "peacetime" state. Among other things, Colbert explained, "Congress never officially declared war on any of these countries, so technically, Romney is right—our soldiers are just spending a semester abroad!"

Will Haley Barbour's Wife Let Him Run for President?

Jim Newell · 04/01/11 04:41PM

Running for president is perhaps the most surefire way to destroy your family life and depress your close relatives forever. Just imagine if your spouse came in and said, "I've decided I want to run for president." Does anyone ever react positively to this announcement? "Oh great THANKS A LOT, FUCKO," seems like the appropriate response. Because within 24 hours, the national news will find and play that S&M porno you shot in college, on repeat. "Does America want a president," the news anchor will say, "whose spouse is a whore?"

Haley Barbour Must Run for President

Jim Newell · 12/20/10 04:37PM

Mississippi Gov. Haley "Boss Hogg" Barbour is a funny guy, and he should run for president. The former Washington mega-lobbyist gives great interviews. What was it like, for example, when he saw Martin Luther King Jr. as a teenager?