Lady Gaga Shows Off Turquoise Pubes and Armpit Hair

Maureen O'Connor · 06/20/11 04:21PM

At last night's Much Music Awards, Lady Gaga took her wig fetish to its logical next step with neon turquoise pit and pube wigs. The carpet matches the drapes matches the—hmm—valances? Tapestries? Terry cloth toilet cover?

Ben Stiller's Ever-Changing Hair Color Makes Us Wonder What Decade He Thinks He's In

Molly Friedman · 04/03/08 11:35AM

Anyone else have one of those crazy uncles who keeps heading to the hair salon for "touch-ups" just to avoid going gray? Well, Ben Stiller has officially become one of those crazy uncles who has hit the Just For Men bottle a bit too hard. Apparently unsatisfied with letting nature take its course, Stiller inexplicably showed up at last night's premiere of The Ruins with a fresh new dye job. After the jump, we track the metamorphosis of his locks from early strays to full on gray to, of course, his new back to black-ish look.