The Best Way To Eat Chipotle

Jordan Sargent · 08/10/16 01:10PM

Chipotle offers four ways to consume its product: burrito, burrito bowl, taco, and salad. Instead, I recommend a fifth way.

Peggy Noonan Consulteth Her Chauffeur About Matters Political 

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/16 08:30AM

These times we live in—they are troubled, are they not? What hath the commoners wrought upon our noble republic, with this “Trump” whose gaudy habits offendeth the senses? Whose common voice shall explain to one and all the unknowable thoughts of the peasantry?

Tom Friedman Is No Socialist, Obviously

Hamilton Nolan · 02/17/16 11:15AM

If you sat Tom Friedman in a chair, gave him a piece of paper, snapped your fingers to get his attention, and told him to write down America’s three greatest sources of strength, what would he do?

Everything Is Not a "Hack" 

Hamilton Nolan · 08/11/15 02:28PM

You can “hack” a computer. You don’t have to “hack” every last thing.

Hacker Brings Down New York Magazine Website Because He Really Hates NYC

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/27/15 08:01AM

On Sunday night, New York Magazine published the accounts of 35 women who say Bill Cosby raped them. It’s a powerful, first-hand narrative coupled with striking portraits of the victims but you can’t read it, because a racist hacker who apparently hates New York City took the magazine’s website offline.

Writing and What Comes With It

Hamilton Nolan · 07/23/15 10:35AM

Should the published writing of professional writers be subject to any criticism? I believe yes. At least one professional writer disagrees.

Neutral Observer David Brooks Has Noticed Hillary Is a Soviet Dictator

Tom Scocca · 07/14/15 01:54PM

David Brooks—a Yale instructor and New York Times columnist who can be found at the Aspen Ideas Festival—prefers to package himself as a reasonable thinker, but he has always been, to one degree or another, depending on the season, a dumb partisan hack. So now that he has finished enough philosophizing about the good life to fill a new book (and allusively air out his squalid midlife crisis), and now that there’s an election looming, it’s time to get back to partisan hackwork.

Frank Bruni Loves Corporations

Hamilton Nolan · 07/01/15 09:02AM

Frank Bruni, a professional newspaper columnist who—unfortunately, given his chosen profession—has not had a single good idea in the past five years, continues that proud streak today. In spectacular fashion!

The Dish Drafts: Unpublished Missives From the Andrew Sullivan Hack

Alex Pareene · 06/15/15 04:15PM

Ever since ur-blogger Andrew Sullivan retired from blogging in February, his fans and admirers (“SullyHeads,” as they’re not known) have wondered, “what’s Andrew Sullivan up to, right now?” and “what does Andrew Sullivan think about what is happening in the news lately?” Proving his doubters wrong, Sullivan has remained quiet since his last post in February. But earlier today there was a sign of life at his longtime blog, The Dish: A single post — a gif of a tumbleweed rolling along a dirt path — went live.

Peggy Noonan Talks Blobs

Hamilton Nolan · 04/15/15 10:30AM

The president. Sitting atop a white rock—America, pure as snow, a monument. Lincoln. The ballot box—a throne of our nation. Shall the free press poop atop it? Undulating, in the wind.

Peggy Noonan Is Confused

Hamilton Nolan · 01/27/15 11:33AM

Doddering Reaganite Peggy Noonan can remember the olden days—yes, that is clear. The rest of it is a bit of a blur, though.

Time to Retire, Dave Barry

Hamilton Nolan · 12/29/14 12:30PM

I'm not "too cool" to admit that Dave Barry was funny. Dave Barry was funny. Was funny. I'm saddened to announce that Dave Barry's funny days are now over.