Donald Trump, Hater Of Hackers, Hacked Once Again

Melissa Cronin · 10/05/15 07:11PM

If you have lain your head atop a soft 400-thread-count pillowcase at a Trump hotel in the past year, your credit card number was probably stolen. According to the Trump Hotel Collection, the credit and debit card numbers of customers who visited one of seven different Trump hotels between May 2014 and June 2015 may have been stolen by hackers.

Here Are the Horniest Companies in Media, According to the Ashley Madison Hack

Sam Biddle · 08/26/15 10:10AM

After the Ashley Madison hack spooked moralizing hypocrites and millions of would-be adulterers, the Associated Press conducted an investigation into the data that turned up “workers at more than two dozen Obama administration agencies” who had been using the cheating site from their government desks. The AP tracked down the offending bureaucrats by tracing the Internet Protocol Addresses—a unique number assigned to every internet-connected device, called an IP address for short—associated with the hacked accounts to government computers.

Lockheed Martin Victim of Hack Attack

Max Read · 05/29/11 03:55PM

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin was the victim of a "significant and tenacious" attack on its network last week, but that the system was secure and the hackers warded off. The Pentagon — Lockheed's biggest customer — is helping the company investigate the attack, which Lockheed says is "part of a pattern of frequent attacks on it from around the world." Our guess? It's the same guy who uploaded the dick pic to Anthony Weiner's Twitter account. [Reuters]

Watch Someone 'Hack' Times Square TV Screens with an iPhone

Brian Moylan · 03/14/11 02:17PM

This video of a guy hacking into various video screens in the Times Square area with an iPhone would be pretty damn awesome if it weren't probably fake. Also, if you're going to go the trouble of hacking into the screens, why put up a boring video of yourself when there is a lot more exciting footage out there just waiting to be foisted on unsuspecting audiences?

Kinect Hack Makes Full 3D Video One Step Closer to Reality

Christopher Han · 11/15/10 02:01PM

This isn't the 3D you're used to. Oliver Kreylos of UC Davis hacked the Microsoft Kinect to transfer the video data onto his computer, making it possible to zoom in on the environment being captured. It's holographic.

'Anonymous' Kid Faces Ten Years for Scientology Hack

ian spiegelman · 10/18/08 12:04PM

Who was the dark mastermind behind last January's Denial of Service attack that shut down Scientology.org for a little while? A teenager, obvs. 18-year-old Dmitriy Guzner, a self-proclaimed member of the 4Chan-related anti-Scientology group Anonymous has been busted by the Feds for his part in the shenanigans. The Verona, NJ, teen has plead guilty and could get slammed with ten years in prison. Ouch. Press release after the jump.