You Wish You Were as Suave as Arthur Kade

Hamilton Nolan · 03/05/09 04:10PM

Who is the real Arthur Kade? Is it the "extremely motivated and passionate" wealthy financial planner-turned-model and aspiring actor? Or is it: the most Zoolanderesque, parody-of-himself blog oversharer of the post-boom era? Dive in:

Breakthrough Website Gives Women Cute Guy Info

Hamilton Nolan · 03/17/08 02:06PM has finally launched! If you have an exceedingly good memory, you'll recall it as the purportedly smart and fun love and sex site for women we previewed for you a month ago, which seeks to sneakily promote "Sex and the City" through dog sex. It seems that they've edited out most of the dog sex, unfortunately, and they no longer want to "bone Barack Obama"—a political shift. So how to put the actual live content into words? How about.... "SexyFashionGuysCuteSoooooooooAnnoying!"

Vanity Saves Lives, Says Zinczenko

Hamilton Nolan · 02/19/08 11:33AM

Ab-obsessed Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko is busy promoting his new book, which should be called "A List Of Foods For Healthy, Stupid People To Eat." Washington Post pseudotrend specialist Laura Sessions Stepp caught up with Zinc [WP], who, now that he's not busy wrestling with Julia Allison, has plenty of time to fill humanity in on the areas of his expertise: Abs, vanity, and how Maxim sucks!