Morgan Stanley Exec Buys; Annie Leibovitz Looks to Sell

cityfile · 02/01/10 09:17AM

• Guy Metcalfe sold his apartment at 15 Central Park West last May for $11 million. Now the co-head of Morgan Stanley's real estate investment banking group and his wife, Lisa, have picked up a new, slightly more modest abode. The couple has paid $6.125 million for a 12th-floor, four-bedroom apartment at 90 Riverside Drive. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• Iris Marden, the ex-wife of retail heir James Marden and a broker at Stribling, has sold her penthouse at 7 Hubert Street. The three-bedroom apartment, which once appeared on the cover of Architectural Digest and first went on the market for $14.5 million in January 2009, sold for $11.5 million. [Cityfile]

A Sale at 15 CPW, Another Cut at 823 Park

cityfile · 05/19/09 08:19AM

• Guy Metcalfe, co-head of Morgan Stanley's real estate investment banking group, has finally unloaded his second-floor apartment at 15 CPW, which he purchased for $9.35 million in October and re-listed for $16.5 million a mere two weeks later. Metcalfe was forced to drop the price twice before eventually going into contract to sell the apartment in February. Now it's a done deal: The 3,822-square-foot pad has sold for $11 million. [Cityfile]
• Former UBS executive Ramesh Singh is willing to do just about anything to part ways with his duplex at 823 Park Avenue. He just chopped the price for the fourth time since putting it on the market last August, three months after he and wife Farida Khan paid $20 million for the 7,234-square-foot spread. The apartment, which started off at $24.75 million and was dropped to $21.75 million in October, was lowered to $19.95 million in February and then to $16.750 million in March. It's now priced at $14.5 million, or $5.5 million less than the couple paid for it. Ouch indeed. [Cityfile, Corcoran]

A Contract at 15 CPW, A Sheikh Cuts Prices

cityfile · 02/23/09 08:36AM

• Morgan Stanley exec Guy Metcalfe is finally on his way to unloading his five-bedroom apartment at 15 CPW, which he bought for $9.35 million in October and quickly re-listed for $16.5 million two-weeks later. After cutting the price to $13.75 million and then dropping it again to $12.5 million, he is now in contract to sell the 3,822-square-foot spread. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Thani of Qatar has lowered the price of his three-bedroom apartment at Trump Park Avenue, which he bought for $6.1 million in 2005 and listed for $14 million late last year. It's now on the market for $10 million. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• It turns out Sting won't be listing his Central Park West duplex for $26 million with Claudine and Raphael De Niro after all. Halstead's Mark Friedman will be handling the honors, and the four-bedroom apartment will be offered for a much more modest $19 million. [NYT]

Price Cut on Fifth, Purchase on Mercer

cityfile · 01/20/09 08:24AM

• The 7,000-square-foot penthouse duplex at 1020 Fifth Avenue that's been on and off the market in recent years and was most recently priced at $46.5 million, has undergone a price cut. The five-bedroom spread, owned by heirs to the Kress retail fortune, is now listed at $39 million. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• Wesley Vultaggio, who works at AriZona, the beverage company his father co-founded, has paid $6 million for a apartment at 47 Mercer Street. [Cityfile]
• Umberto Arpaia, the chef/owner of Cellini in Midtown and brother of fellow restaurateur Donatella Arpaia, paid $4.85 million for an 18-foot-wide townhouse at 242 East 68th Street. [Cityfile]

Wall Streeters Look for the Exits

cityfile · 01/13/09 08:29AM

• Guy Metcalfe isn't having much luck flipping the apartment at 15 CPW he purchased in October for $9.35 million. Two weeks after closing on the second-floor unit, the Morgan Stanley exec put the apartment on the market for $16.5 million, cutting it down to $13.75 million in December. Now Metcalfe is chopping again: The pad is currently listed at $12.5 million. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• Jason Capello, a partner until 2007 at Dwight Anderson's (now-doomed) hedge fund, Ospraie Management, has sold his 72nd-floor condo at the Time Warner Center for $16.25 million. [Cityfile]
• Hedge funder Steven Stuart, who left Fortress to co-found the Garrison Investment Group in 2007, has taken $1 million off the price of his 35th-floor apartment at the Park Laurel on West 63rd Street. The four-bedroom spread is now listed at $9.8 million. [Cityfile, Corcoran]

Blakely and Itzler Look for an Exit at 15 CPW

cityfile · 12/03/08 08:52AM

♦ Spanx CEO Sara Blakely and her husband, Marquis Jets co-founder Jesse Itzler (left), have gone into contract to sell their 14th-floor condo at 15 CPW, less than a year after they picked up the place from Smart Flyer owner Michael Holtz for $8.5 million. The pad was most recently listed at $9.85 million. [Cityfile]
♦ Morgan Stanley managing director Guy Metcalfe, who paid $9.35 million for a five-bedroom apartment at 15 CPW in October and then re-listed the spread for $16.5 million just two weeks later, has now dropped the asking price to $13.75 million. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
♦ Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy sold her 24th-floor apartment at 400 East 51st Street for $3.8 million to newly-appointed Novartis CEO Rober Pelzer. [NYO]

Lenny Goes Lower, Bommer Looks to Sell Once Again

cityfile · 11/17/08 09:19AM

♦ Lenny Kravitz has slashed the price of his SoHo penthouse yet again. Most recently listed for $18.75 million, the loft on Crosby Street is now on the market for just $14.995 million. [Curbed, Corcoran]
♦ Hedge funder Scott Bommer and his wife Donya are looking to unload another eight-figure apartment. The Bommers set records when they paid $46 million for a co-op at 1060 Fifth in January and then sold it for $48.5 million a few months later. Now they've put their 29th-floor apartment at the Ritz-Carlton on the market for $35 million, less than four months after purchasing it for $28.5 million. [NYT, Corcoran]
♦ Sundance Film Festival co-director Geoffrey Gilmore and film producer Julie le Brocquy have paid $2.475 million for a three-bedroom condo at 25 Central Park West. [Cityfile]

Price Cut at 895 Park

cityfile · 10/29/08 07:52AM

♦ Late fashion mogul (and Showgirls producer) Charles Evans' triplex apartment at 895 Park, which had already been cut from $29.5 million to $25 million in May, has been lowered once again. It's now $20 million. [NYO, Stribling]
♦ Morgan Stanley managing director Guy Metcalfe has paid $9.35 million for a five-bedroom, second-floor apartment at 15 Central Park West. [Real Deal]
♦ TV legend Dick Cavett sold 77 acres of waterfront property in Montauk to the Town of East Hampton, Suffolk County and New York State for $18 mil. The land will be used as part of a wetland conservation site. []