Guy Fieri's Food Empire Now Includes a Vineyard in Sonoma

Taylor Berman · 01/21/13 08:26PM

New York Times-approved chef Guy Fieri, the mastermind behind culinary innovations such as Donkey Sauce and the no-longer-served (RIP) Nuclear Waste Margarita, is now officially in the wine business. Sometime last year – how the news went so long without being reported is a mystery and, really, an indictment of the food media – Fieri purchased a five acre vineyard of pinot noir grapes in Sonoma County, California.

What Do You Think Drake and Guy Fieri Discussed When They Hung Out Saturday Night?

Taylor Berman · 12/02/12 11:30PM

According to reports, Degrassi graduate Drake hung out with culinary titan Guy Fieri Saturday night. Obviously, this is a big deal. Thankfully, someone took a picture of the historic meeting. As my colleague Max Read wrote, the photograph is "possibly the all-time achievement of the mimetic image." In it, a focused Drake stares intently as he stirs some sort of sauce (marinara? chocolate? donkey sauce?) while a patient, wise-seeming Fieri looks on.

Saturday Night Live's Guy Fieri Sketch Was Too Hot for TV

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/19/12 10:55AM

Actually, it's not entirely clear why Bobby Moynihan didn't get to reprise his role as controversial restaurateur Guy Fieri for this past weekend's Saturday Night Live, but thankfully a dress rehearsal recording of Moynihan as Fieri responding to Pete Wells now-legendary takedown of Guy's American Kitchen & Bar has made its way online just in time for your third mid-Monday-morning anything-but-work break.

Guy Fieri's Most Disgusting Food is Not Even at His Times Square Restaurant

Jordan Sargent · 11/15/12 09:12PM

As you are probably aware, New York Times food critic Pete Wells became the most important man in America this week after eviscerating Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant for essentially being Guy Fieri in building form — a bloated, neon monstrosity serving unappetizing food obnoxiously. Here's the thing, though, about Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, which has now become ground zero for everything wrong or right with capitalism: Fieri serves way more revolting food at one of his other restaurants.

'You Won't Be Disappointed': 10 Eaters Not from the New York Times Who Like Guy Fieri's New Restaurant

Cord Jefferson · 11/14/12 02:30PM

Did you hear? New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells reviewed Guy Fieri's new Times Square restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen, and he really hated it. Can you believe that? America's haughtiest paper disliked America's bro-iest chef's new venture in America's crassest den of commercialism outside of Las Vegas. Amazing. And yet—it turns out that other people who have tested Guy's American Kitchen, which opened in mid-September, have actually really enjoyed themselves. Here are 10 of those people (sic throughout):

Here Are Some of the Better Lines From the New York Times' Sort of Funny Review of Guy Fieri's New Restaurant

Taylor Berman · 11/13/12 10:41PM

As you may have heard, noted food expert Guy Fieri opened a restaurant, the appropriately titled Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, in Times Square in September. From other reviews/common sense, we already know it's terrible. Nonetheless, Pete Wells, The New York Times' restaurant critic, decided to review it so we could learn the Times' Official Opinion. Consisting entirely of rhetorical questions directed at Fieri, the review is sort of funny. Here are some of the better lines/questions:

Guy Fieri Accused of Harassing Women, Disliking Gays

Richard Lawson · 10/17/11 12:00PM

The Food Network's resident lightning strike victim Guy Fieri, host of the popular carb porn show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, is, shockingly, a complete jerk. According to one alt weekly anyway.