The Hurt Behind the Trigger

Marlon Peterson · 07/20/14 12:56PM

I am an honor student, turned gun shot victim, turned gun carrier/college student, turned a person who almost shot a neighbor's mother because her son "disrespected me" on my block. I did not pull the trigger, thanks to the words of a friend who would have supplied me the gun, but one year later I participated in an equally reprehensible act that included a gun and death.

There's a War in Mexico Between a Drug Cartel and a Vigilante Militia

Justin Charity · 01/14/14 12:25AM

The ragtag Self-Defense Council of Michoacán is riding around in bullet-riddled, bomb-charred pickups as the group fights to seize control of Apatzingán, a city in Mexico's Tierra Caliente valley, from control of a major drug cartel. And the Mexican government wants to stop them.

Shooter Kills 13 of His Neighbors in a Quiet Serbian Village

Maggie Lange · 04/09/13 08:04AM

A 60-year-old gunman engaged in a shooting rampage in his Serbian village early this morning, killing 13 people before killing himself. His son, his wife, and a two-year-old child were among those murdered by the man, identified as Ljubisa Bogdanovic. This is the first mass murder in Serbia in six years; in the last, a man killed nine people in a village in eastern Serbia.

Gun Deaths Continue Since Newtown

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 03/23/13 12:30PM

The Huffington Post is running a lengthy feature which profiles the shooting deaths of five Americans over the past decade. Similar to the AP story from a few weeks ago that profiled the shooting deaths of Americans on a single day, the Huffington Post feature outlines the lives lost and, more extensively, their survivors.

6-Month-Old Shot Five Times, Dies After Shooting in Chicago

Taylor Berman · 03/12/13 09:09PM

A six-month-old died Tuesday morning, the day after she was the victim of a shooting in Chicago. The baby, Jonylah Watkins, was shot five times, reportedly while her father, the reported target of the shooting, changed her diaper in his mini-van in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood. The father, Jonathan Watkins, was also shot several times and was taken to a nearby hospital, where he remains in critical condition.