Bob Dylan Beefing With Historians At PBS Over Famous Guitar

Taylor Berman · 07/12/12 12:11AM

Sort of like the geriatric's version Chris Brown-Drake fight, but with less violence and no Tony Parker, Bob Dylan is beefing with historians at PBS over the whereabouts of the electric guitar he used at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, where Dylan famously went "electric." Dylan claims he's still in possession of the Fender Stratocaster he used, but Dawn Peterson, the daughter of Victor Quinto, Dylan's pilot from the 1960s, says otherwise.

Is This the Worst Guitar Solo Ever?

Matt Cherette · 01/13/11 03:00PM

It's natural that band members won't always agree on everything. Case in point: this painfully hilarious video of a horrible band performing a horrible song, followed by an extra-horrible guitar solo, followed by an angry smack to the face. Ouch!