A Sad and Funny Story About Guitar Center and Human Vainglory 

Andy Cush · 06/19/15 09:30AM

If ever there was a place to glimpse the American male ego in all its apparent contradictions—its bluster, its fragility, its aggression, its desperate need for acceptance—that place is the Guitar Center in Commack, New York.

Welcome to Guitar Center, a Nightmare from Which You'll Never Escape

Andy Cush · 08/12/14 04:20PM

When you first step inside the Times Square Guitar Center, perhaps you hear the opening arpeggios of "Stairway to Heaven," floating across the sales floor like a spring breeze. Then, the "Crazy Train" solo adds a dissonant but not altogether unpleasant counterpoint, followed closely by the "Layla" chorus riff, as if in fugue. By the time "Enter Sandman" starts, slow and lumbering, things are starting to sound ugly.