A Recent History of Republicans Talking About Rape

Max Read · 08/29/12 02:15PM

What a month it's been for Republicans and rape. Since Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin — at the time leading the polls by a wide margin — told a journalist that in the case of "legitimate rape, the female body has ways" to prevent pregnancy, prominent Republicans haven't been able to avoid putting their rapey feet in their moist, sex-obsessed mouths. Here's a recent history of Republicans on rape.

A Gawker Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Richard Lawson · 12/20/10 12:57PM

Christmas is only five days away, and it's likely that some of us (ahem) haven't done any shopping at all. Need some ideas? Here are some gift suggestions for the various weirdos you might still have to shop for.

The Top Three Myths About Anonymous

Adrian Chen · 12/09/10 11:55PM

By now you've heard about how the shadowy collective Anonymous is launching cyberattacks—"Operation Payback"—against perceived enemies of Wikileaks, including PayPal, Amazon and MasterCard. But you've probably heard wrong. Let us debunk three commonly-held myths about Anonymous.