The Night James Franco Threw a Phone

Maureen O'Connor · 10/15/10 03:26PM

James Franco hates bloggers, and hair is highly flammable. These were the lessons from James Franco's book party, where he angrily told me to "go away." Then he grabbed and threw a reporter's phone. Then someone's hair lit on fire.

David Carr's Night on the Town

The Cajun Boy · 06/08/09 09:16PM

Early this morning, at about 5AM, we were browsing through today's edition of the New York Times when we ran across David Carr's media column. Something about it struck us viscerally, so much so that we were unable to process it at the time and write anything about it.

The Guest of a Guest, Revealed

Sheila · 05/07/08 05:04PM

The girl behind the Guest of a Guest nightlife blog interviewed and unveiled: her name is Rachelle Hruska, and she's sorta the platonic protege of longtime nightlife fixture Steve Lewis—she met him her very first day in NYC and calls him Uncle Steve. She's from Omaha! [Goodnight Mr. Lewis]

The (Un)Reality of Blogging

Richard Lawson · 01/29/08 01:27PM

In this era of hard and difficult facts, there is perhaps no greater discussion than whether a fictional character would be that most intangible of titles, a Blogger. Guest of a Guest, a blog, poses such a question today about our favorite glammed-up stroke victim, Carrie Bradshaw (from that Sex and the City program.) The character was a dating columnist, and it's begun to seem de rigeur for such types to hop on the internet and rattle off their thoughts. Now that it's 2008 and everyone else does, would Carrie Bradshaw blog??