Happy 40th Anniversary, Sesame Street: The Best Celebrity Appearances

Anderson Evans · 11/06/09 11:27AM

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, a landmark in public television and children's educational programming. Through the years there have been a substantial number of celebrity cameos, many unlikely. Here are some of the best.

Elvis Costello to Damage His Legacy With Fall Out Boy?

ian spiegelman · 10/11/08 05:26PM

In other Elvis news, the Elvis that is Costello is, for some reason, going to make a guest appearance on Fall Out Boy's new album. Statement from band front-boy Pete Wentz, and a question from your humble editor, after the jump. Statement: "At some point everyone is gonna find out. So, I guess its time to let the cat is out of the bag. We didn't want to talk about this before we actually heard it because its a once in a lifetime experience. We've announced a couple of guests on the record but "I wish you luck with a capital F" is just one of the thousands of genius ideas thought up by Elvis Costello and he's gonna be singing on Folie a Deux. this isn't a typical appearance as he's alongside the guys in a couple of the decaydance bands on the song. Either way this has been an amazing experience for fall out boy as he is one of our heroes, especially so for patrick. We can't wait for you to have the chance to hear it." Question: Okay, I don't know much about current music. Nothing, actually. But I've been led to understand over the last few years that Fall Out Boy sucks. Is that not true? Have I been misinformed? It was funny when Costello popped up in Talladega Nights, but this? What shit is this? [AbsolutePunk]