Curtis Sliwa's Guardian Angels Are Looking for Trouble

Andy Cush · 02/10/16 02:55PM

This was how things worked, as Curtis Sliwa recalls it, back in the heyday of the Guardian Angels, from the late ’70s through the early ’90s: In one subway car, Sliwa might break up a fistfight, then move to the next car and find a domestic dispute in progress. In the following car, there might be a drug dealer pushing his product, and in the car after that, a group of young men openly drinking malt liquor 40s and smoking blunts.

Anonymous French Tipster Offers Paris Hilton A Much-Needed Bargaining Chip: UPDATE

seth · 05/18/07 01:42PM

While finding an anonymous tip about Paris Hilton in our inbox is certainly not an uncommon experience, it's rare that we receive one composed entirely in a foreign tongue, from a self-professed "guardian angel" who signs their correspondence, "The french." We're suckers for some Euro-style cloak and dagger, however, so we put our best minds to work translating the contents of the cryptic message: