Pentagon Bans Four Journalists From Guantanamo Bay

Ravi Somaiya · 05/08/10 12:46PM

In the wake of hearings about the youngest Guantanamo detainee, four of the most experienced journalists have been banned from entering the facility on very spurious grounds. Is the government merely trying to avoid further scrutiny?

Amy Winehouse's Dad Thinks Her Knockers Are Great

Maureen O'Connor · 10/22/09 05:20AM

Mitch Winehouse thinks Amy's rack was worth the rumored $56,000 cost of silicone. Salman Rushdie scores another PYT. Obama Girl is mauled by a light fixture at that one ubiquitous press junket in Jamaica. Welcome to Thursday's gossip!

Fox & Friends Terrified of Ex-Gitmo Bartenders

Pareene · 06/12/09 02:03PM

The good people of Fox & Friends (which ones are Fox and which ones are the friends?) are outraged that their vacations might be endangered by four innocent men recently freed from years of wrongful imprisonment!