Happy Birthday, Chelsea Manning

Hamilton Nolan · 12/17/14 05:20PM

This week marked the 27th birthday of Chelsea Manning, the U.S. military whistleblower who currently sits in prison for leaking material to Wikileaks. Here are some birthday wishes for her from people who have spent time in similar circumstances.

Obama Might Unilaterally Close Guantanamo

Hamilton Nolan · 10/10/14 10:05AM

Of all of the unfulfilled promises of Barack Obama's presidency, none stands out more starkly than the continued operation of the disgraceful black hole that is Guantanamo Bay prison. Now, Obama is apparently trying to close the prison while he still can.

Adam Weinstein · 02/10/14 03:58PM

Five of Guantanamo's worst "forever" detainees plan to open a Yemeni farm business consisting "of 200 families, 100 farmhouses, 10 cows, 500 chickens, 50 sheep, a honey bee subsidiary and computer system powered by windmills," maybe with Kickstarter capital. That is, if they ever see daylight again, obvs.

Congress Just Quietly Took a Big Step Toward Closing Guantanamo

Adam Weinstein · 12/19/13 10:20AM

In a surprise bipartisan move Thursday, the Republican-led House passed a plan that could make it easier to transfer most of the remaining 160 U.S. terror detainees from their prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to other locations overseas.

Obama Boldly Calls For Basic Sanity and Human Rights

Hamilton Nolan · 05/23/13 03:18PM

In a speech interrupted by frequent heckling, President Obama today made a bold and daring call for America to try to adhere to age-old concepts of "law" and "basic human rights" in the amorphous and endless "war on terror." But might treating people "decently" threaten Our Freedoms?