Angelina Jolie's Dad Sure Is Mad at the President

Richard Lawson · 06/09/09 02:01PM

Jon Voight is very mad at President Obama. In a speech at a Republican fundraiser last night, the actor called Obama a false prophet who fancies himself "Julius Caesar", thinking he will pacify nations with his words. Which is wrong!

Rudy Giuliani's Bridgehampton Heckler Speaks Out

Foster Kamer · 05/24/09 11:45AM

Yesterday, former New York City mayor, failed presidential candidate, and perpetual asshole Rudy Giuliani was publicly heckled by a guy in Bridgehampton. Naturally, Rudy had the guy arrested. And now the heckler speaks to us!

Donald Trump: A Sexist Dinosaur

Richard Lawson · 07/02/08 02:39PM

Donald Trump is a big, blustering, sexist dinosaur. The real estate tycoon and reality TV show host can "fire" us or call us a big fat dyke for saying so. Of all his delightful qualities, one of his most charming is his seemingly unlimited joy for belittling and needlessly berating women. His latest target is actress/princess of Genovia Anne Hathaway. The Donald recently lashed out at her, saying that she only broke up with be-scandaled Eyetalian Rafaello Follieri because his legal troubles caused the money to run out. "So when he had plenty of money, she liked him," he garbled to Access Hollywood. "But then after that, not as good, right?" No, actually, we suspect it's because he was arrested for stealing fucking millions of dollars that Hathaway ended the affair, not because the money trail went cold. She's been doing pretty well for herself in the films lately, so finances probably aren't a huge worry for her. But she's a woman!

James Caan Gracefully Slides Further Into His Cranky Old Man Phase

Douglas Reinhardt · 03/24/08 06:20PM

And another thing about these fuckin' kids today is that they don't know how to wear a pair of pants. How do you fuck that up? Whatever happened going down to Brooks Brothers and having some tailor taking your measurements and coming back with a pair of pants that fits? And what's with all the typing on the phone? Whatsamatta with everyone? Suddenly, we've all become Mr. Greenjeans and we can't pick up a phone and talk to somebody? I gotta e-mail my own son in order to ask him how he's doing. Mr. Big Shot never has the time to pick up the phone.