Groundhog Predicts Six More Seconds of Biting The Mayor's Ear Off

Jay Hathaway · 02/02/15 05:40PM

Low-rent Punxsutawney Phil impersonator Jimmy the Groundhog has the easy annual task of predicting each February whether Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, will experience six more weeks of winter (yes: it is in Wisconsin). This year, the job got to him a little bit as he whispered his prognostication into Mayor Jonathan Freund's ear: The weather will be—got your ear, sucker! I'm biting your damn ear off! How you like me now?

You Must Have Faith That Tomorrow Will Be Different

Hamilton Nolan · 02/02/11 05:20PM

The Way We Live Now: requesting a do-over. We made our best guess, and it didn't work out. Let's run it back. Let's try again. Let's make a different bet. Let's get a refund, and re-invest! Repay us, immediately!