How Tall Is the "Freedom Tower"?

Max Read · 05/03/13 10:48AM

Yesterday, with the raising of its mast, One World Trade Center—the "Freedom Tower"—symbolically kicked bin Laden's dead ass by reaching a soaring, magnificent 1,776 feet into the sky. Sort of. Probably.

The 9/11 Charity Fraud Shame List

Maureen O'Connor · 08/25/11 01:33PM

The Associated Press checked in with 325 charities founded in the wake of 9/11, many of which are still active. Most of them were doing nice things! But a bunch were doing ethically dubious, borderline fraudulent things, frittering away millions of benevolently bestowed dollars.

Security Scare at Obama's Ground Zero Ceremony

Jim Newell · 05/05/11 03:59PM

New York City police officers tackled and took away for questioning a "suspicious man" outside Ground Zero today, where President Obama was leading a wreath-laying ceremony. The man was walking his bike towards the World Trade Center area and saying, "Secret Service, Secret Service coming through," after which cops tackled him and searched through his messenger bag. And according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, "witnesses say may have pulled a gun out of a backpack as President Barack Obama's motorcade passed."

Obama Lays a Wreath at Ground Zero

Jim Newell · 05/05/11 12:53PM

Here's President Obama's relatively subdued appearance at Ground Zero, where he laid a wreath to honor the victims of 9/11 and then chatted up a nice police officer. No soaring speeches today, it seems. Before the ceremony he stopped at a local firehouse, and now he's meeting privately with 9/11 victims' families.

Is George W. Bush Irked Today?

Jim Newell · 05/05/11 12:03PM

George W. Bush turned down an Obama administration invitation to appear by his side at Ground Zero today, claiming he wants to stay out of the spotlight and that he already plans to be there for the 10th anniversary memorial in September. Fair enough! But this doesn't mean Team Bush won't leak bitchy comments to the Daily News just in time for Obama's visit, anyway.

America Is Back to Normal: Fistfight at Ground Zero

Hamilton Nolan · 05/04/11 08:15AM

Sometimes it seems like our nation's been holding its breath for an entire decade. Since 9/11, New Yorkers have adopted a strange, heretofore unknown mood of somber respect when walking by Ground Zero, that tragic hole in the ground.

Bush Won't Go on Ground Zero Date With Obama

Max Read · 05/03/11 10:33PM

Former President George W. Bush declined President Obama's invitation to hang out with him at Ground Zero on Thursday, saying through a spokesman that he "appreciated the invite, but has chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight." Obama is visiting the World Trade Center site to meet with families of 9/11 victims and buy one of those "Go SEALs!" t-shirts; he extended the invitation to Bush after the guy from Five for Fighting Tweeted about it—and we all know how much Obama loved "Superman." [NYT; image via AP]

Ground Zero Has 4 Stars on Yelp

Adrian Chen · 09/17/10 11:28AM

Hey, look: Ground Zero has a Yelp page. And it's only got four stars! We know Yelpers can be harsh, but can't the site of one of the century's defining moments catch a break?

More Cameras than Liberals at Ground Zero Protest

Annie Fleming · 09/13/10 03:10PM

You've seen footage of the ground zero protests, but you may not have seen the incredible number of cameras used to document the demonstrations. From still to video to even a 16mm film camera, check out what's behind the scenes.

In a Perfect World...

Adrian Chen · 09/11/10 04:20PM

[Allison Low of Fayetteville, Arkansas, holds a picture of her sister, Sara Low, during a memorial for 9/11 victims near Ground Zero. Photo via AP]