Frat Bros Are Peeing on America

Jay Hathaway · 04/24/15 02:40PM

This week, members of the University of Florida’s Zeta Beta Tau fraternity are being investigated for allegedly spitting on a group of wounded war veterans, then stealing the veterans’ American flags and peeing on them. But this is only the most literal way in which frat boys are pissing on America. Fraternity guys love to pee. On anything, anywhere.

It Sure Looks Like This Florida Man Vaped His Buddy's Cum

Jay Hathaway · 02/25/15 01:50PM

Today's sign that The End Is Near: A Florida man makes vape liquid out of (something he claims is) his friend's semen, then inhales it and blows forth a mighty jizz cloud. This herald of the apocalypse, ID'd only as "Brad," claims he's "the first man ever to vape semen." He was reportedly paid $68 for the seminal act. (Why not make it $69? ;) )

Here's How Your McRib Is Made, Step by Disgusting Step

Jay Hathaway · 11/03/14 05:50PM

In celebration of the almost-annual winter return of the McRib, McDonald's dropped a few videos today that purport to reveal the secrets of everyone's favorite barbecue sauce-covered restructured pork item. They do, kind of.

Sasha Grey Reenacts Some of the Lamest, Grossest Sexts of All Time

Jay Hathaway · 10/21/14 10:23AM

Actress and former porn performer Sasha Grey guest stars in the latest installment of Machinima's "Creepy Text Theatre," where people reenact some of the worst sexts ever sent—full of terrible puns, abject begging for nude pics, and pick-up lines so formal that you can smell the fedora-sweat through the phone.

Beware the Hackberry Nipple-Gall Maker!

Sarah Hedgecock · 11/19/13 01:37PM

Who cares that bunch of bugs are eating northern Texas alive? You do, because they're called hackberry nipple-gall maker insects.

Man with Pencil Jammed in Head for 15 Years Removes Pencil from Head

Caity Weaver · 05/29/13 02:02PM

Do you have a pencil in your head right now? Probably not, right? Oh right, you have no way of knowing. The AP reports that doctors from Aachen University Hospital in Germany have just announced the successful removal of a four-inch pencil from the head of an Afghan man who spent 15 years blithely unaware that there was a pencil fully inside of him. (The extraction was performed in 2011, but the details of the case were just made public at a medical conference.)

Rat Meat Sold As "Lamb" In Multi-Million-Dollar Chinese Scam

Ken Layne · 05/03/13 11:50AM

The latest terrible fake food scandal from China resulted in more than 900 arrests after criminal meat processors sold the chemical-soaked flesh of rats and foxes as "lamb meat." As more Chinese demand a daily supply of dead farm animals as food, crafty criminals are butchering and processing anything that moves.

Dad Shoots Family Dog, Slices Open Its Stomach to Retrieve Son's Finger

Taylor Berman · 04/01/13 10:52PM

When Luis Brignoni, a 41-year-old Florida Man, heard screams from his backyard, he went outside to discover a terrible scene: his 11-year-old son, Fernando, screaming and bloody-handed as his older son, 13-year-old Luis Jr, stood nearby, beating the family dog over the head with a stick. The dog, a Malamute-wolf mix named Sassy, had just bitten off Fernando's finger and was holding it in its mouth. Brignoni approached the dog to retrieve the severed digit but by that time it was too late – Sassy had swallowed the little finger.