Morrissey on Suicide: "It's Admirable"

Jay Hathaway · 08/19/15 12:14PM

In his chat with wizened television shaman Larry King Wednesday, professional sadster and glib racist Morrissey discussed his battle with depression and offered what King says “could be considered a controversial take on the act of suicide.” Hmm, yes: “It’s admirable” could be considered a controversial thing to say about suicide. Very astute observations all around, gentlemen.

Biting, Groping Vampire Woman Terrorizes Convenience Store

Lauri Apple · 11/12/11 01:20PM

On Monday evening, an unidentified woman allegedly walked into a Denver convenience store, groped a male customer and bit him on the neck, then allegedly bit the clerk on the neck after asking for a hug. Police consider her armed to the teeth ... with teeth!

Anti-Groping Ads Too Sexy For You Horndogs

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/08 08:20AM

Just like giving out condoms makes kids have sex and giving out clean needles turns upright citizens into junkies, the government must protect us from public service ads more likely to destroy us than to save us. Concerned about all the horny bastards rubbing up against women on subways, New York City had an anti-groping ad campaign ready to be rolled out to the sicko public (that's you). But they had to scratch that. These ads would just set you perverts off even more!