The Future of Organic Food Is Walmart

Hamilton Nolan · 04/10/14 12:45PM

It's tough being Whole Foods. Competing fancy grocery chains threaten from one side. Big box stores selling organic food threaten from the other side. "All natural" food will thrive in the most unnatural environments.

Finally, A Way To Do Your Grocery Shopping In the Subway

Adrian Chen · 07/05/11 11:08AM

A South Korean grocery chain has launched "virtual grocery stores" which let customers buy groceries simply by scanning a code on a poster in the subway. Because what could be a more appetizing place to purchase food than the subway?

No Love For the Common Grocery Store?

Hamilton Nolan · 01/17/11 12:20PM

Here is what is happening with grocery stores, in America: the recession and rising commodity prices are squeezing profits. Weird stores like Walgreens and Target are now selling groceries. And men who buy groceries hate grocery ads. No love, anywhere!

Even the Help is Superior at Whole Food

Rebecca · 04/23/08 03:00PM

What could be more mind-numbing than checking out someone else's groceries? No, you have to press yes. No, the green button by the red one. So sometimes checkout people call their friends to pass the time at the most listless job ever. Sure, it's annoying, but who could blame them? Fortunately, checking out free-range beef is a completely different professional experience at Whole Foods. Their checkout "team" is so engaged with their work, they don't need to make personal calls. Whole Foods actually hires only friendless orphans to ensure that nothing stands between you and your organic arugula. [via Racked]