Ayn Rand's Capitalist Paradise Is Now a Greedy Land-Grabbing Shitstorm

Adam Weinstein · 08/28/14 11:56AM

Atlas Shrugged readers remember Galt's Gulch as the rural refuge where Ayn Rand's Real Men of Genius spurned American socialism for their own anti-leftist paradise. Some inspired libertarians have set up a real-life Galt's Gulch in Chile. Unregulated capitalism, though, is presenting some problems!

Palin Victorious at Gettysburg, Pushes Deeper into Union Territory

Jim Newell · 05/31/11 01:10PM

History suggests that Sarah Palin's Bus Army would be stopped and forced into retreat by lamestream media forces at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, making it her furthest incursion into the Yankee North and the turning point for the larger war effort. But alas, the cowardly reporters have allowed Palin to slip through their lines and continue her march towards the munitions port at Philadelphia.

It's All Happening: Sarah Palin Launching National Bus Tour

Jim Newell · 05/26/11 02:18PM

First she buys a strikingly Abbottabadish compound in Arizona near her would-be campaign headquarters, then we hear about the release of a feature length propaganda film next month, and now we learn that Sarah Palin, the pride and shame of Wasilla, Alaska, is launching a national bus tour lasting "several weeks" this very fucking weekend. Is this all just another elaborate grifter trick to sell more SarahPAC gift shop tchotchkes? Because it looks an awful lot like a presidential campaign rollout.

Michele Bachmann Has Priced Her Presidential Run

Jim Newell · 05/13/11 05:14PM

So, Michele Bachmann... she is probably just pretending to consider a run for president in order to raise PAC money? But maybe she's serious? We haven't conclusively determined where Bachmann's potential candidacy lands on the fake/real spectrum. But the murmurs are certainly helping her raise cash. And now she's introduced a tiered donation system in her latest email solicitation: $25 bucks for another House run, $50 "or $100" for a presidential run. Checkbooks out, chop chop!

Newt Gingrich Tries to Cash in on Pearl Harbor Anniversary

Jim Newell · 12/07/10 02:23PM

Former House speaker and entrenched Washington grifter Newt Gingrich took to Twitter today to honor those who perished at Pearl Harbor, 69 years ago. His elegiac remembrance: Speaking of Pearl Harbor, anyone wanna buy my crappy beach novels about it?

Mom Drugged Son, Said He Had Cancer, Scammed $7,000

Max Read · 10/01/10 03:35AM

The scam seems to have begun sometime around the time that Schnuphase's husband died. "Shortly thereafter, she fell off the face of the Earth," a neighbor told the Detroit Free Press. Schnuphase reportedly told her son Christopher he had leukemia, and began to update her Facebook account with information about his condition ("Christopher now knows he is dying!" read one such update).

Canadian Cancer Scammer Arrested

Adrian Chen · 08/07/10 10:42AM

23-year-old Ashley Kirilow allegedly faked having cancer to raise $20,000 for her fraud charity. She turned herself in yesterday and has been charged with three counts of fraud, for which she faces up to two years in prison.

The Elaborate, Lucrative Cancer Lie of Ashley Kirilow

Adrian Chen · 08/06/10 10:27AM

Meet your new devious cancer-scammer: 23-year-old Toronto resident Ashley Kirilow. She shaved her head, waxed her eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and allegedly scammed more than $20,000 through her charity, "Change" for the Cure.

Meet Kari Ferrell: Criminally Hipster

Hamilton Nolan · 04/15/09 09:57AM

It's a crazy new hipster character fond of criminal and sexual hijinks! Let's meet Kari Ferrell, the 22 year-old tattooed Utah girl who scammed her way through hipster Brooklyn. Sex, lies, cancer, and bands, yea!