The Continued Redemption of Anne Heche

Richard Lawson · 09/01/11 04:49PM

The rumor-plagued actress has kept working despite, and it's slowly paying off. Also today: bad news for Dionne fans, good news for Big C fans, and the strange popularity of Grey's Anatomy.

Dissecting Grey's Anatomy's Reprehensible Musical Episode

Whitney Jefferson · 04/01/11 11:30AM

Not every show on television can be Glee, and Grey's Anatomy proved this theory last night with their "interesting" take on the dramatic musical. Sure, many of the cast members have appeared on Broadway before, but that does not mean the trainwreck was worth the extra three minutes that screwed up your DVR last night.

The Kennedys Killed The Kennedys

Richard Lawson · 01/10/11 04:27PM

The canceled miniseries may have been canceled due to family pressure. Also today: Glee will not be saluting Justin Bieber, your favorite shows have been renewed, and Wicked heads to the small screen. No, not that Wicked. Not really.

Grey's Anatomy: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Adrian Muniz · 12/02/10 11:09PM

This week on Grey's Anatomy it looked like Cristina Yang might finally be on the road to recovery. Meredith Grey has an all-out war of words with Owen. And Callie does to Arizona what we've wanted to do all season.

Grey's Anatomy: Hitting the Snooze Button

Adrian Muniz · 11/19/10 11:15AM

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy was about an all-nighter. People drank, people died, and some even had sex. You'd think this would be a recipe for some kind of awesome cut-em-up, save-them-lives-and-have-celebratory-sex episode. You'd be wrong.

Grey's Anatomy: Go Hug Yourself!

Adrian Muniz · 09/30/10 09:35PM

Lightning may have struck eight unlucky patients tonight on Grey's Anatomy, but it was the Seattle Grace doctors who were suffering temporary bouts of paralysis—emotionally, that is. Cue the Ellen Pompeo monologue!

Grey's Anatomy: Everyone is Dark and Twisty Now

Adrian Muniz · 09/24/10 08:30AM

Meredith Grey seemed to have a lock on all the negative energy circulating around Seattle Grace Hospital. But after last season's game changing shooting, it looks like now there's plenty of dark and twisty energy to go around.

Mickey Rourke Is Going Gay?

Richard Lawson · 07/19/10 03:08PM

He might, he just might be. Also today: Good news about a promising sitcom, Daniel Radcliffe is going to get the pants scared off him (not literally), Grey's Anatomy welcomes a new hunk, and the Glee guy is very rich.

Grey's Anatomy: When in Doubt, Kill Off Your Cast

Kristina Lucarelli · 05/21/10 05:52PM

Grey's is no stranger to nail biting cliffhangers, but Shonda Rhimes really outdid herself this time around by butchering half of Seattle Grace's finest over the course of the two hour finale.

CBS and ABC Have No Clue What You Want to Watch

Brian Moylan · 05/18/10 02:52PM

It's upfront week when television networks show potential advertisers what they can expect for the fall season. ABC announced it's new lineup and CBS axed a slew of shows. Let the carnage commence!

Thank God Almighty, Katherine Heigl Is Free at Last

Richard Lawson · 03/12/10 10:37AM

On this rainy Friday we bring you news of beautiful, sunshiny Hollywood. A film gets a re-release, Grey's Anatomy's brightest star may be supernova'ing, and another young star gets a notch in her belt. Yay showbiz!