History Channel Thankfully Shelves The Kennedys

Jeff Neumann · 01/08/11 12:29PM

The History Channel has decided to cancel its 8-part miniseries The Kennedys, starring Katie Holmes, because the "dramatic interpretation is not a fit" for the channel. Good! The show was developed by the guy behind right-wing torture fetish show 24.

Katie Holmes Is Your Next First Lady

Richard Lawson · 04/29/10 09:56AM

No, aliens still can't run for president (unless they're named Barack Nobama!!). She's just playing a very famous one in a TV miniseries. Also today: exciting casting news about exciting actors, salary disputes, and Hollywood tragedies.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/17/09 06:51AM

Venus Williams turns 29 today. Greg Kinnear is turning 46. Comedian Will Forte is 39. Newt Gingrich is turning 66. Rep. Jack Murtha is 73. Architect Liz Diller turns 55. Actor Thomas Haden Church is 49. Director Bobby Farrelly is turning 51. British director Ken Loach is 73. Latin singer Paulina Rubio is 38. Real estate heir Andrew Farkas is 49. Plastic surgeon Gerald Pitman turns 67. Retired General Tommy Franks is turning 64. And Barry Manilow celebrates his 66th birthday today.