Greg Gutfeld Feeds You With a Spoon Full of Evil

Shannon Mechutan · 12/09/10 03:29PM

The Red Eye staff is high, says Greg, so they cooked up Offspring's prison meal and a mashed potato sandwich, from Simon & Schusters' Mosh Potatoes, a cookbook benefiting Meals On Wheels. Filled with hair and meth. Amirite?

Your Sleepy Summer Outrages

John Cook · 08/20/09 04:55PM

It's August 20th: our RSS feeds have slowed to a crawl and everyone else is at the beach. But the political-media outrage machine carries on. ABC's Jake Tapper, MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan, Touré and Malcom X all need a vacation.

Canada Mistakes Fox News' Greg Gutfeld for Person of Influence

John Cook · 03/23/09 01:57PM

On the March 17 edition of Red Eye, a "comedy" show Fox News puts on for insomniacs and media narcissists, Gutfeld said Canadian soldiers do yoga and made fun of a Canadian lieutenant general's name (Leslie!) and said we should invade Canada because the country's military is contemplating a one-year "operational break" from Afghanistan.

Obama Is Greg Gutfeld's Perfect Woman

Hamilton Nolan · 10/23/08 01:33PM

Greg Gutfeld, host of Red Eye, the 3 a.m. Fox News show you have never seen, wore out his faux-meathead wingnut schtick around the same time he stopped regularly doing crunches. He purposely poses as a wiseass ignorant bastard (which is fine!), so we're not upset that his latest column explores how Obama is like "a really hot chick." We just chalk it up to homoeroticism. But we have to object to his opening line, "So yesterday, during an ideas meeting..."; Greg, you know don't have "ideas" meetings.

'Red Eye': Just the Gay Jokes

Pareene · 05/20/08 02:24PM

This is what we meant the other day when we said we just didn't find Greg Gutfeld funny. Gawker video superfriends Richard Blakeley and Morgan Miller combed through a week's worth of episodes of Gutfeld's 3 a.m. laff riot Red Eye and edited it down to only the gay jokes. There are many. Many, many jokes about how funny it would be if Greg, who enjoys sleeping with women, were a homosexual. See? You are laughing already. Boys talking about kissing boys! Comedy gold! Sigh.

Greg Gutfeld: Tireless Defender of Wasting Time on Bullshit

Pareene · 05/14/08 04:24PM

Now, for some reason, Fox schedule hole-plugger Greg Gutfeld is picking a fight with harmless tech author Clay Shirky. Gutfeld is upset that Shirky said something bad about television. Also, Wikipedia is for nerrrrds! This is scarcely worth anyone's time or attention, sorry. [Daily Gut]

Greg Gutfeld: Why?

Pareene · 05/07/08 01:51PM

Not long ago, a media reporter asked your day editor if he seriously doesn't like Greg Gutfeld. Because surely it's an act, all this mocking him! We send attention his way, he responds with an amusing attack on our commenters, we trash him again, everyone goes home to cash their tax refund checks and buy some $10 cigarettes. But the truth is, no, I don't really like Greg Gutfeld. He's not funny. And his two-dimensional controversialist routine is tired. Regardless of how much either of them mean what they say, Colbert does a wittier Bill O'Reilly. Gutfeld is a mediocre Morning Zoo Shock Jock. He seemingly used to be funny—some of his HuffPo posts were truly inspired. But his show is terrible and his "noxious gay-baiting even though he's friends with plenty of homos" routine is, once again, done better by Ann Coulter. So when Greg says, as he did to MediaBistro recently, that Gawker only trashes him because he refused to write for us, well...

Greg Gutfeld: Ready To Take Your 3 a.m. Calls

Pareene · 05/02/08 09:34AM

Fox News's 3 a.m. time-slot filler Greg Gutfeld has an interview with TVNewser coming up that is sure to be chock-full of quotable lines. Like Gutfeld calling his show Red Eye "the most subversive, surreal piece of programming ever to be on TV." You, sir, have apparently never caught Unbeatable Banzuke. Greg will also take on HuffPo, Gawker, the magazine industry, and "politically correct media." We're sure he has very SHOCKING and CONTROVERSIAL opinions on all of those things. Cutest part of the interview excerpt posted so far is when Greg says Fox pushed him from the semi-reasonable 2 a.m. slot to the desolate 3 a.m. slot because the network needed "more political coverage." We're all big fans of Fox News's award-winning 2 a.m. election updates! [TVNewser]

The Night Greg Gutfeld Lost His Date

Nick Denton · 04/24/08 02:03PM

After a hard day covering Fashion Week, in September 2006, Gutfeld was at Port 41 with a group of other magazine editors and writers. It was late, Gutfeld had been drinking, and he's not known for his discretion even when sober. According to one of the many present that evening, he began regaling the crowd with an account of a small dinner party hosted by Steve Perrine, former creative director of Men's Health, now editor-in-chief of Best Life, a magazine for middle-aged men who lead lives of silent desperation.