Fuck Green Day

Adam Weinstein · 01/31/14 03:07PM

Twenty years ago come Saturday, Green Day dropped Dookie on an unsuspecting human race.

Louis Peitzman · 09/03/12 07:51PM

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong was rushed to the hospital in Europe for an undisclosed illness.

Green Day Singer Is Probably Regretting Voicing These Thoughts on Steve Jobs

Seth Abramovitch · 10/07/11 01:23AM

Yeah, so, here's a counterpoint take on Steve Jobs' death, from Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, screamed to thousands of fans at a concert in Lima one year ago. I won't repeat what he said here, but it's pretty horrible and shocking. It happens at 2:10 in the video above.

Ray J Wants Money for Kardashian Sex Tape

Max Read · 09/03/11 11:32AM

Ray J wants to "protect his rights"—his sex tape rights! Billie Joe Armstrong get kicked off a plane. Sandra Oh gets her identity stolen. And Pippa Middleton maybe got a parking ticket. Saturday gossip is here, and ready to explain why its boobs are weird.

Joaquin Phoenix Rises From the Ashes Like... a Phoenix

Richard Lawson · 04/13/11 04:20PM

Though he once said he'd "quit acting," that was all a hoax, and Joaquin Phoenix really hasn't quit acting at all. Also today: the return of the return of musicals, Jessica Lange makes a TV project even more exciting, and Bradley Cooper is seriously miscast.

How to Get That Annoying Song Out of Your Head Forever

Brian Moylan · 06/08/10 03:01PM

It can't be explained by nature or science, but it happens to everyone: You get some annoying tune or jingle playing on repeat in your noggin' for hours on end. Here is how to stop the music.

Blowjob-Giving Green Day Fans Invade Broadway

Richard Lawson · 04/08/10 03:40PM

Now that Green Day has a musical on Broadway, all hell is breaking loose. Punk hell. A tipster sent us a note saying that at last night's performance of American Idiot, some respectable theatergoer was spotted servicing her date.