Leaked Emails Detail "Secret" Frat's Antics With Drugs, Cops, and Sex

Adam Weinstein · 04/21/14 03:58PM

They're staffers for influential congressmen and PACs. They work at top international banks and consulting firms. Also, they claim to hit women, lie to cops, chase ass, trade pills and hard drugs, and pour "so much champagne on bitches titties." These are the email confessions of a banned fraternity.

U. of Alabama Greeks Win Fight For Their Right to Be Racist Dicks

Adam Weinstein · 03/24/14 03:01PM

Last summer, the University of Alabama campus was rocked by allegations that the fabled Greek scene was racist. Well, not allegations: The school's all-white sororities rejected two women because they weren't white. The school's student Senate had a chance to fix things. But last week, they said "fuck it."

Everyone's Accusing Lana Del Rey of Ripping Off a Song

Brian Moylan · 01/20/12 05:31PM

Hating Lana Del Rey is now the internet's favorite past time. It culminated today when LDR burn book Hipster Runoff accused the plumped-lipped singer of stealing her song "Video Games" from some old Greek ditty whose name we can't even spell. He cites his source as unnamed "indie music message boards" which I thank Jesus every morning I have no idea how to find.

Jesus People Have Infiltrated Your Frat House

Hamilton Nolan · 03/07/11 10:07AM

Have your fraternity brothers been acting a bit...odd lately? Have you noticed something a little...strange about your sorority sisters? We don't want to alarm, but we have to be honest: your bros may be involved in Jesus.