Fraternities and Sororities: Still Hazing!

Jordan Sargent · 01/27/16 05:50PM

If you happened to think America’s soul-searching regarding the traditions of the Greek system had in any way curbed the drinking and hazing habits of the fine youngsters inhabiting our fraternities and sororities, well: It hasn’t.

One Sorority Finally Comes Out Against Bullshit Campus Sexual Assault Bill 

Allie Jones · 11/12/15 02:45PM

The so-called “Safe Campus Act,” a nonsense bill that would keep colleges from punishing rapists unless victims agree to go to the police, had seemingly unanimous support from national fraternity and sorority organizations—until today. Alpha Phi has become the first sorority to come out against the bill in a statement made “at the request of many of our members and chapters.”

Sorority Hazing Scandal Continued: Tales of Grave-digging and Branding

Sheila · 04/30/08 10:41AM

In response to Long Island's <a href="

">Hofstra University sorority scandal, in which 19-year-old Courtney Holt said she was brutally hazed (the Phi Epsilon sorority responded that she was a mean drunk), a Hofstra alumn has written in. Surprise: the sorority is def evil, she says, and those girls are just as horrible as you might have imagined. "Although this Holt girl def seems like a psycho, a lot of the other information that she states is true... For one being Branded... yes they're branded with a three pronged fork to represent their three values (which is why they have a effing cow as a sorority symbol, and they always say 'love x3')."

Head-Bashing Sorority On Alleged Hazing Victim: She Punched Us First

Richard Lawson · 04/29/08 03:28PM

The New York Post ran a story this morning about a poor young lady named Courtney Holt, a 19-year-old Boston native (woot?), who is claiming she was subjected to cruel hazing rituals while pledging the Phi Epsilon sorority at Hofstra University. It's not a sorority, "it's a cult," she claimed. They bashed her head into a wall, they said they would "kill me and slit my throat." That sounds terrible. For reasons I can't quite go into, I once had a raving band of Long Island coeds trying to kill me, and it was pretty scary.* But! Not so, says the sorority. In an internal email sent out this morning to alumni, someone from the sorority claims that Holt was an angry drunk who was violent at bars, that her mother was a lunatic who is banned from the Hofstra campus, that she trashed people's rooms and called them "cunt." Dear me! Who's telling the truth? And more importantly, who's to blame for all these girls who have gone wild?? How about sororities in general. Or, even better, that filthy whore Miley Cyrus. That sounds nice and reactionary, right? Full ZOMG sorority email after the jump.