The Movie Director Who Couldn't Get Any Movies Made

Richard Lawson · 03/08/11 04:36PM

Attend the tale of a movie director who has lost two big pictures in a row. It's a sad one. Also today: more pilot casting news of course, AMC teases their latest show, The Event crashes and burns, and a little Greek send-off.

We Bid Greek a Final (and Tearful) Farewell

Leah Beckmann · 03/08/11 10:00AM

All little children do grow-up, even those students over in Ohio's Cyprus Rhodes University. Tonight, we said our goodbyes to Casey, Cappy, Ash and the gang in Greek's series finale.

Greek's Quest for the Golden Franny

Leah Beckmann · 03/01/11 02:50PM

On Greek, apparently you can go home again. Last night's episode featured several returns: Evan makes the big journey back into his parent's good graces and everyone's favorite and most feared Poodle returns to ZBZ.

Kiss and Tell is the Name of the Game on Greek

Leah Beckmann · 02/15/11 09:30AM

We open to Rusty and Calvin planning Cal's 21st birthday party! But their plans are about to be thwarted because the C in CRU stands for Chilly tonight, and you're welcome for your first grandpa joke of the night.

Adventures in Babysitting and Birth Control on Greek

Leah Beckmann · 02/08/11 12:50AM

Tonight was all about youth and the many forms it can take. We saw people attempting to navigate the obstacles that come with it, others trying to hold onto it, and others still who have gotten far away from it.

Greek: "Come on Beaver, Show Us What You Got!"

Leah Beckmann · 01/24/11 10:58PM

In a welcome change in perspective, Beaver was all the rage on tonight's episode of Greek. As his mother always tells him, Beaver is the "star of his own show;" tonight's episode was truly all about the Beave.

How to Turn Your Grumpy old Neighbor into a Fraternity Pledge

Whitney Jefferson · 03/02/10 02:47PM

Last night on Greek, a professor moved in next door to the KT house. Somehow, Cappie turned his grumpy neighbor into his academic advisor—and a pledge! But the other frat boys aren't so happy to have him around.

Calvin and Grant Have New Issues to Face on Greek

Whitney Jefferson · 01/26/10 02:47PM

Last night's premiere of Greek gave some well-deserved airtime to Calvin and Grant's budding relationship. During the episode, Grant decides that he wants to come out and tell their fraternity brothers that the two are more than just roommates.

ABC Family's Greek: Just the (Many) Gay Parts

Natasha VC · 07/29/09 12:01PM

Who knew ABC Family was chasing the Logo audience. Witness their college frat house soap opera Greek, which, as this clip reel demonstrates, may just be the gayest show on television this side of Bromance.

Mickey Mouse Assimilated By Hulu Aliens

Richard Lawson · 04/30/09 12:42PM

The extraterrestrials at Hulu have staged another coup in their bid to take over television. Disney has struck up a deal with the online video site, meaning we get ABC shows now.

Television's Mid-Fall Report Card

Richard Lawson · 10/15/08 03:12PM

It is already October 15th! How did that happen? I guess you could say that the Earth rotated around the sun a specific number of times and that days winnowed into nights which bled into days and so on and so on in the circle game. I think that's it. So, how have we been spending these ever-marching autumn hours? Watching TV, of course! Lots and lots of TV. Some has been good (Mad Men, The Daily Show), some has been bad (90210), and some has just been puzzling (Two and a Half Men?). So as we approach the ever-important November Sweeps Week—when networks set their ad rates based on inflated, extraordinary episodes that don't actually reflect typical week-in, week-out quality—let's take a second to give a quarter term report card. How has television been faring, you know, quality-wise (because we already know that ratings are in the toilet)? We'll analyze after the jump.

The Most Conservative and Most Liberal Shows On TV

Richard Lawson · 10/14/08 03:06PM

The Gossip Girl kids have gotten political. Two of them at least, Penn Badgley who plays Dan and his off-screen ladylove Blake Lively, who plays his on-screen ladylove Serena. They're appearing in a anti-McCain ad in which regular kids—including these two soap stars at that Hannah girl from that American Teenager documentary—condescend to their McCain-voting parents as if they were about to drink or take doobies. Har har. So Gossip Girl is a bit liberal, but it's not the only politicized show on the air. No indeed there are others, subtly (or not so) spouting rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. Our Photoshop expert Steve Dressler has created a simple chart that we'll explain after the jump.