Twitter Ashamed of Squalid New York Office

Ryan Tate · 09/23/10 03:01PM

San Francisco's Twitter just rented space for its burgeoning New York staff. But don't call it an "office:" Twitter is insistent its only real office is in California, and the thing in Gotham is, by definition, ghetto and weak.

More Job Cuts at Apple?

Owen Thomas · 03/06/09 04:55PM

Something's going on at Apple. Normally a leak-proof ship, the S.S. Steve Jobs has been taking on rumors of layoffs. The latest: Cuts in Mac hardware and software units, says a tipster:

How Mark Zuckerberg TOSsed Facebook Under the Bus

Owen Thomas · 02/18/09 02:29PM

Only lawyers and nerds get excited about debating a website's terms of service. And yet Facebook managed to turn a change in its legalese into a PR nightmare. Here's an anatomy of the debacle.

Yahoo Flack Quit After Lawsuit Leak

Owen Thomas · 02/17/09 01:45PM

One of the messes Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz must clean up is a three-year-old investigation into claims of discrimination by a black female lawyer. After a leak of confidential documents, it's now even messier.

Facebook Founders Settle Their Feud

Owen Thomas · 01/30/09 06:44PM

After years of freezing out cofounder Eduardo Saverin over a dispute about money, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has deigned to recognize his former Harvard buddy. Why now? Perhaps to derail a forthcoming Facebook tell-all?

A Puffed-Up Reporter's Puffed-Up Sources

Owen Thomas · 01/19/09 11:58AM

CNBC tech reporter Jim Goldman blew the biggest story on his beat by insisting his "sources inside the company" said Apple's Steve Jobs was in tip-top shape. Do these sources even exist?

Steve Jobs Confesses: Too Sick to Work

Owen Thomas · 01/05/09 10:23AM

If you just look at how thin he is, you'd know it. But now Steve Jobs himself has admitted that his declining health is keeping him from taking the Macworld stage tomorrow.

A tech blogger's quixotic war on PR

Owen Thomas · 12/18/08 02:00PM

The comic spectacle of Michael Arrington, the tech industry's most overbearing, self-important blogger, taking on Silicon Valley's PR apparatus, is playing out live on the Internet. Bring your popcorn.